21 Warmest Beaches in Florida in January

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Many tourists dream of traveling to Florida and soaking up the rays during the summer months. But have you ever considered heading to Florida and enjoying the state’s beautiful beaches during January weather?

Visiting during the offseason is an excellent way to avoid the crowds, save some money, and still enjoy all the amenities Florida has to offer. While it may be frozen in the northern part of the country, the beaches of Florida are still alive and thriving. We will look at the warmest beaches in Florida in January or even February so you can plan your next trip with confidence.

21 Best Beaches to Visit in Florida Winters

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Whether you’re a world traveler or just want to avoid peak season and take your family on a winter beach vacation, we will hook you up with the best beaches to visit in the Sunshine State. 

21. Vilano Beach

Vilano Beach has a more low-key vibe than many other beaches on the list, making this spot a top destination for a quieter vacation. You will find it near St. Augustine, but it is much calmer than the location would lead you to believe. 

Moreover, this is the beach for you if you’re looking for somewhere to get active. Vilano offers up plenty of opportunities for surfing and volleyball, while there is a nearby fishing pier. 

20. Playalinda Beach

Located on the Atlantic side of Florida on the Space Coast, Playalinda Beach has excellent waves and a spectacular view. 

The beach itself is spotless, and the area is underdeveloped, allowing for a more natural feel. One of its most intriguing selling points is the vantage point it offers anyone interested in watching Cape Canaveral rocket launches. 

19. Anna Maria Island

You will find Anna Maria Island on the Cultural Coast. Despite being in south Florida, it is not as warm as you might expect, with water temperatures typically resting in the mid-60s. However, it is still a lovely place to visit even if it is not the number one warmest beaches in Florida in January to visit.

Still, if you have little interest in swimming or don’t mind the cooler water, you can always take in the local sights. Anna Maria Island is one of the most fascinating Florida beaches, with walking and biking trails throughout the area. It is relaxing, and the perfect way to see pristine white sands.

18. Boca Raton

Boca Raton has some of the warmest beaches in Florida in January, making it ideal for a winter vacation.

You will find this attraction on the Treasure Coast, one of our most recommended spots in Florida, regardless of the season. Besides its white sandy beach, Boca Raton has other attractions, such as golf courses and a bustling shopping district. 

17. Siesta Key

Barrier islands make for great beaches, and Siesta Key is no exception. The beaches are beautiful, and the temperature is high enough that you won’t freeze in the winter. 

When not in the water, there are several activities for the whole family to check out, including free yoga classes on the sand and waterfront dining. Siesta Key is well-regarded by travelers, and we recommend it for groups and those on solo trips.

16. Cocoa Beach

You will find Cocoa Beach near Daytona Beach, so many of the same benefits apply to it. The temperature sits around the low 70s in January, so your mileage may vary with swimming. 

Locals are rarer at Cocoa Beach as the temperature is often too cold for them in the winter. This area is near Orlando in Central Florida, meaning you can take a fun-filled excursion to Disney World on your beach vacation.

15. Bowman’s Beach

Bowman’s Beach is another quiet entry on this list, but it still sees its fair share of tourists. It is in southwest Florida, so you will have fairly temperate waters daily. This spot has charcoal grills placed so you can cook food while enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean. 

Aside from the pristine sand, Bowman’s Beach is a wonderful fishing spot as well, meaning anglers will have good luck with making a big catch. Keep in mind you will need a saltwater fishing license if you’re not a resident of Florida. 

14. Daytona Beach

Searching for the perfect trip over the holiday season? Look no further than Daytona Beach, one of Florida’s most famous beaches; you can find it on the Space Coast. Daytona is more popular in the spring as a destination for college students, but you will still find plenty to do during the offseason. 

If you are visiting in January, you could stay a little longer to enjoy the Daytona 500 in February. There’s no event like it on any other beach in the Sunshine State, and it remains the most famous NASCAR race.

13. Tigertail Beach Park

You can find Tigertail Beach Park on Marco Island. This is definitely one of the warmest beaches in Florida in January. It offers a balance between modern amenities and natural beauty. Avid bird watchers, in particular, will adore this spot thanks to the variety of avians in the area. The beach itself and the ocean off the coast are breathtaking as well.

Temperatures routinely sit in the 70s throughout the winter, making it an ideal destination for a winter beach vacation on the east coast. Marco Island is one of the best beaches in Florida, and Tigertail is our recommendation when visiting.

12. Fort De Soto Park

Fort De Soto Park is near St. Petersburg and a great way to experience the Gulf of Mexico. Like Grayton, Fort De Soto offers camping areas to visitors, so outdoors enthusiasts will enjoy this attraction too. The beach makes for great pictures and selfies, and you will find a lot of activities to keep yourself entertained.

The namesake of the park is an old fort dating back to the Spanish-American War. Parts of the abandoned fort have survived and are open for exploration for kids and adults.

11. Grayton Beach State Park

If you are a camper, Grayton Beach State Park is highly recommended as it comes with a camping area where you can pay to set up a tent or RV. Few things in Florida are as exhilarating as spending the night at the beachside and waking up to the sounds of the Atlantic ocean.

The beach itself has gorgeous white sand while the water is crystal clear. It may not be warm enough for some visitors, but if you do not mind a more brisk swim, you will enjoy this outing. 

10. Delnor Wiggins State Park Beach

Even in January, Delnor Wiggins State Park Beach, located in Naples, should be warm enough for sunbathing and swimming. The sand is as white as you dream it to be, and the water is clear as well.

When not on the beach, you can explore the area’s luxury resorts and shopping districts. If you are looking for a bougie beach trip, Delnor Wiggins is the place to be.

9. Caladesi Island State Park

Reaching Caladesi Island State Park involves taking a ferry from Dunedin, but the trek makes the effort worthwhile. If you find the hustle and bustle of places like Miami Beach too taxing, this should be your first choice for a winter getaway.

Caladesi is one of the few remaining undeveloped barrier islands, with a pristine beach and beautiful blue water. The water on this captivating barrier island should be warm enough to swim in on sunny days, and you won’t have to muscle tourists out of the way for a spot to lay your blanket.

8. Sanibel Island

You will find Sanibel Island on the Cultural Coast. While the views here are majestic, the water will, unfortunately, be chilly in January, with temperatures in the low 60s. 

Nevertheless, if you have a wet suit, you’re in for a treat thanks to the water sports on offer at Sanibel Island.

Aside from windsurfing and sailing, you will also be able to do plenty of shelling on the beach, as it is one of the best places to collect seashells in the country.

7. Delray Beach

Delray Beach is an excellent choice for those who enjoy a little bit more culture with their beach expedition. 

Tourists describe Delray Beach as one of the most fun small towns in the country, thanks to its bustling main street and beautiful weather. You can expect hot weather when visiting in January, with highs in the 70s for most of your trip.

The other star of the show is the town’s vibrant art scene in town, as it is worth the trip alone. The arts district has plenty of attractions, so you will always have something new and exciting to see when you are not soaking up the sun on the beach.

6. Smathers Beach

Located in Key West, Florida, Smathers is one of the warmest beaches in Florida in January. The water is astoundingly calm, and they have a location set up for snorkelers to enjoy the underwater sights

The beach is about a half-mile long and is the longest one Key West has on the Atlantic coast. Temperatures usually reach the high 70s in January, perfect conditions for the jet skis you can rent here.

5. Palm Beach

Situated just above Miami, Palm Beach is another of Florida’s famous beach destinations and has some of the best winter temperatures for a beach in the United States. You will find water temperatures approaching 74 degrees across the Treasure Coast, of which Palm Beach is our most recommended stop.

Palm Beach is on the expensive side as Florida attractions go, with luxury shopping sites and being home to several billionaires. Still, there are few experiences as stunning as the white sand and shimmering waters of one of the best Florida beaches.

4. South Beach

For another gorgeous destination on the Gold Coast, South Beach is one of the most famous spots in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. South Beach is a paradise for those who want to enjoy a nightclub right after soaking up some rays on the Atlantic coast. 

You should keep in mind that even during the winter months, South Beach is a major tourist attraction, so the crowds (and celebrities!) will be substantial all year.

But if you don’t mind the busy streets and bustling crowds, South Beach is one of Florida’s premiere vacation destinations.

3. Las Olas Beach

Las Olas Beach is near Fort Lauderdale and, like Miami Beach, part of the Gold Coast. The water is often warm enough for a delightful swim even in January.

While the beach is not large, it is one of the cleanest. When you are not taking in the rays or enjoying the warm water, you’ll find many amenities on Las Olas Boulevard. Businesses pack the area, and you can enjoy bars and restaurants to your heart’s content.

2. Miami Beach

Located on the Gold Coast, Miami Beach is another of the most renowned Floridian beaches. Miami has one of the highest temperatures in the state during the winter, while the area boasts a variety of activities to participate in. This spot may also be the most recommended beach for swimming in January, as water temperatures sit at around 72 degrees.

Off the beach, you will never have a dull moment, and the city has numerous amenities like hotels, restaurants, and bars. The vistas here are also gorgeous, so you will have several excellent photo opportunities.

1. The Florida Keys

One of the state’s most famous beaches, the Florida Keys is a popular destination for tourists regardless of the season. The Florida Keys is our number one pick for the warmest beaches in Florida in January. average water temperature is just over 70 degrees in the winter, making it ideal for swimming. While it may seem a bit chilly at first, you will quickly acclimate to the water temperature in the Florida Keys.

Away from the water, you can visit plenty of noteworthy attractions, such as Fort Zachary Taylor, an American Civil War-era military base. You could also visit the Hemingway House, home of the famed novelist. Regardless of which specific beach you choose, the Florida Keys are one of the best places to visit in Florida in January.

FAQs About Warmest Beaches in Florida in January

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While many people visit Florida in the spring and summer, there’s nothing wrong with making your trip during the winter months of December and January. There are several perks to visiting at this time, though you will see some drawbacks as well.

What Temperature Should I Expect at Florida Beaches in January?

While summers in Florida are unbearably hot to many people, winters are much milder and generally comfortable. The average daily temperature sits in the 60s and 70s on a typical day in January. 

Though Floridians might consider those temperatures cold, it is perfect for those used to the harsh winters of the north. The temperature may leave the water too cold for you to swim in, so keep that in mind when planning your trip.

What Are the Prices for a Trip to Florida this Time of Year?

While you will still be on the hook for a substantial bill at the end of your trip, many places have cheaper prices during the winter, especially in January after the holiday season has concluded. 

If you want to save money on your next winter vacation, making the trek in January could be the ticket.

What Size Crowds Should I Expect in Florida in January?

Fewer locals will be out and about during the winter, as they find the temperatures too cold. Tourists are also not as frequently seen during off-season months. All these factors mean you may not have to deal with the same crowds as you would during a summer beach vacation. 

So if you head to these warmest beaches, you will likely see fewer people around. Of course, there will still be snowbirds, but the numbers won’t be anywhere near the peaks of summer and spring break.

What Other Activities Will There Be in Florida in January?

Another benefit of taking a January trip to Florida is that theme parks are also in their off-season. If you are tired of the sand, you can make a trip to any theme parks Florida has to offer, such as Walt Disney World, Gatorland, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, or Legoland.

These attractions are typically cheaper in winter, and you’ll have the additional benefit of smaller crowds. If you have ever dreamed of heading to any of these attractions, the winter months are an excellent time to make the journey to avoid the usual lengthy queues at places like Disney.

Will it Be Difficult to Find Hotels in Florida in January?

Despite January being a quieter month, it’s best to book lodging months in advance. The winter months attract many snowbirds to Florida from the north, and they’ll all be vying for a room if they don’t have their own vacation homes. 

We recommend you make accommodations as soon as possible to get a guaranteed room and the best price.

Conclusion: Warmest Beaches in Florida in January

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A beach trip to Florida in January, February, or even December makes for a wonderful vacation full of memories. While the water at some of these locations may be too cold for some tourists, if you stick to the warmest beaches you will still be able to swim and enjoy everything the locale offers. 

No matter what you enjoy when heading to the ocean, we hope you find a beach that suits your needs. So with these travel tips on hand, why not take a trip to the Sunshine State this year to one of the warmest beaches in Florida in January?

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