Does It Ever Snow At The Beach? 

Does it ever snow at the beach

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When you think of the beach and a beach vacation, you’re likely envisioning palm trees, surfboards, sunglasses, and sunscreen. But not all beach locations are sunny and warm year-round. Have you ever thought, “Does it ever snow at the beach?”

The short answer is yes, it does snow at the beach.

Several beaches where it snows are located throughout the United States, like New Jersey and Maine. In some parts of the United States, snowfall on beaches is rarer, and it might snow once a year.

There are many reasons to go to snow-laden beaches or make sand castles out of snowy sand.

Does It Ever Snow at the Beach?

Does it ever snow at the beach?

It snows on beaches. Many cities and villages throughout the world suffer snowy conditions during winter. During the summer, beachgoers enjoy sandy beaches after the cold snowfalls of winter have passed.

Where Does It Snow on the Beach?

Where does it snow on the beach?

You can find snow on the beach worldwide, depending on the season. From the north shore of Long Island to remote inland locations like the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where you can enjoy the snow and go skiing!


Iceland has many beautiful beaches, such as Blacksand beach. This is one of our favorite destinations for winter. During cold weather, you can see icebergs floating along the shore.

Stroomi Beach is a perfect stop for snow at the beach, located in Estonia, a country in northeastern Europe.

Other snowy beaches in Europe can be found in the Lofoten Islands in Norway. The islands are situated on the Norwegian shore turn into a winter wonderland annually. Imagine snow on the beach with Northern Lights overhead. That is the perfect combination.

Loch Morlich Beach in Scotland is a stunning snowy beach in the winter months. The sandy beaches of the lake receive a heavy blanket of snow that can take your breath away.

United States

Does it ever snow at the beach in the U.S.? During U.S. winters, you can find snow-covered beach areas all over America on the northwest or northeast coasts. Long Beach, Long Island, is an excellent example of this. The infamous New York island is well known for its long stretches of beach. People usually associate it with the summer, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t as stunning with winter snowfall.

It doesn’t take long for the snow to fall on beaches, making them a pristine winter wonderland.

What Can You Do at a Snowy Beach?

What can you do at a snowy beach?

You might wonder what kinds of activities you can do on a cold winter beach. Here we have some suggestions! Next time you’re wondering “Does it ever snow at the beach?” and you find out that it does, these activities will be tons of fun!

Snow Castles

Snow castles are the perfect activity to enjoy at the beach. You can bring your children and watch them enjoy the classic tradition of sand castle building, except with the added benefit of a bit of snow. Check with your local travel guides; they may very well know of some contests you could participate in!


If you enjoy off-roading on the beach during the summer, you’ll love it just as much during the winter when there’s a snow-covered beach to do it on!


With the right gear, you can go surfing on a snowy beach just as well as on a warm tropical paradise. Grab your surfboard and wetsuit, and you’ll be in business!

Can You Camp on Snow-Covered Beaches?

If you don’t mind the cold weather? You can camp on snow-covered beaches. There are fewer bugs, fewer fellow campers, and more opportunities to spectate some wildlife. It could be the ideal time to visit the beach if you’re okay with wearing a couple of extra layers to keep warm.

Gear for Winter Camping

What gear should you bring for a camping trip on a snowy beach? We have a list of must-have essentials.

  • 4-season tent to weather the elements.
  • Cold weather sleeping bag
  • Heat source
  • Utensils and cookware
  • Warm clothing
  • Stove appropriate for cold weather camping

Warm clothing is of particular importance. You don’t want to be frozen while walking along the beautiful snowy coastline of your winter vacation destination. Nothing is more beautiful than the sun shining on a frozen shoreline, but you don’t want to spend all the time shivering.

Should You Surf at a Snowy Beach?

Should you surf at a snowy beach?

When people think of surfing, they usually think of the sunny west coast of California. Perhaps San Francisco comes to mind! But they could just as easily surf off the beaches of Rhode Island, New Jersey, or Vancouver Island.

Nothing is stopping you from catching waves at any of these chilly beaches. If you’re not set on baking in the sun, you can have just as much fun in the cold air. These beaches are open year-round, allowing travelers to enjoy these beautiful sights at their leisure.

Drawbacks of a Snowy Beach

Drawbacks of a snowy beach

Beaches located in cold weather climates are a beautiful sight. But not everyone is enamored with the dramatic landscapes of Norway; they want sand and plenty of sun. 

Their idea of fun in the sun involves going to the beach, breathing in the salt air, and walking on trails that aren’t full of snow.

For those individuals, a visit to southern Italy might be more appropriate.

Or the terrain of the beach alone might not make for the perfect photo in their mind. Instead, a skiing destination could be ideal. Plenty of ski resorts open in January would make for a relaxing break from city life. They might not have views of the ocean about to freeze, but they can be beautiful in their own right.

Wrap Up

Wrap up

“Does it ever snow at the beach?” If you want to find snow at the beach, you’re more than capable of doing so! Nothing prevents snowfall at the beach, and you can find beaches around the world to visit. If it’s snow you’re looking for, the beach or lake could be the ideal location.

Stick your camping gear on a lovely snow-covered beach and enjoy the ocean year-round. Take your fishing gear out and try to catch something on your line! Get the salt on your skin even if the weather is colder; a little snow has never hurt anyone.

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