11 Least Crowded Beaches in Florida Gulf Coast to Visit

11 Least Crowded Beaches in Florida Gulf Coast

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The beaches in Florida are stunning and enjoyable but are often crowded with tourists and locals trying to get some sun. 

If you hate a crowded beach, where your towel is on top of a stranger’s, check out our list of the 11 least crowded beaches in Florida Gulf Coast to visit on your next beach vacation to the Sunshine State. 

Our List of the 11 Least Crowded Beaches in Florida

Our list of the 11 least crowded beaches in florida

11. Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach is one of the most peaceful and least crowded beaches in Florida Gulf Coast.

It offers everything you want from a quiet and isolated beach trip. The water here is a bright blue, and the soft, tan sand is ideal for tanning in the sun. 

Many people compare this beach to popular beaches like Clearwater or Panama City Beach, but at this beach, there won’t be rowdy tourists. 

There’s also a quaint boardwalk where you can stroll down and watch the waves. The nearby restaurants and bars are also devoid of annoying tourists. 

10. Tigertail Beach

Tigertail beach florida least crowded beaches

Tigertail Beach is on Marco Island, making it a little more difficult to access. But the journey deters most tourists, meaning you’ll have plenty of space to stretch out and explore the beach in serenity. 

The beach has clear emerald green water that makes you feel like you’re in a postcard on Marco Island.

It’s one of the best secluded beaches for families, as the tide is tame, and there are tiny tide pools with small marine life. 

If you want a tranquil and unforgettable beach experience, it’s worth the journey to this breathtaking spot. 

9. Topsail Hill Preserve 

This Florida barefoot beach preserve in Santa Rosa Beach boasts blue freshwater ideal for swimming.

The Topsail Hill Preserve features three massive dune lakes that create heavenly beaches in the Florida Panhandle. 

There are several endangered species in this area, so you have to follow some rules concerning preservation. Therefore, it’s better suited to adult beach-goers who want to relax and catch some rays.  

8. St. Andrews State Park

St. Andrews state park least crowded beaches in florida panhandle to visit

Another state park with a fabulous barefoot beach is the St. Andrews State Park which provides visitors with magical sunsets and supple sand. Florida state parks have some of the most underrated beaches.

It’s a quiet gem near the Panama City Beach strip and Shell Island that is one of the best places to take unforgettable photographs of the state park landscape. As far as the least crowded beaches in Florida Gulf Coast go, this will be a memorable one.

It’s also a nature-lover’s paradise for people who enjoy hiking walking trails through dunes or coastal forests.

You can even do some dolphin watching if you take the ferry over to Shell Island, another stunningly quiet spot. 

7. Perdido Key

This beach sanctuary was once a military base but now caters to beach-goers who want some stillness and silence. It’s perfect for fishing and swimming, and if you don’t want to leave the peaceful spot, you can camp on the beach! 

The beach is easy to access as it’s near Pensacola but eludes tourists as many locals try to keep this beautiful spot under wraps. 

6. Navarre Beach

With soft white sand and crystal clear water, Navarre Beach is one of the best hidden secret beaches in Florida. 

The beach has a picturesque fishing pier and a lowkey vibe that is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the crashing waves. Navarre Beach is teeming with sea life like lazy turtles and colorful coral reefs. 

While this is one of the least crowded beaches on the Gulf Coast, there’s an opportunity to rent some fun beach gear, so you can go biking, paddleboarding, jet skiing, surfing, and kayaking. The beach is family-friendly during the day but has a rich nightlife more suited for adults. 

5. Grayton Beach

Many consider Grayton Beach one of the most stunning Florida beaches, offering colorful sunsets and clear water. This beach is a hidden gem beloved by fishermen, sun bums, or folks who want to watch the wildlife in the area. 

Not only is the beach laid back and secluded, but the entire town has a charming lackadaisical feel that is idyllic for a relaxing beach vacation. The town features authentic seafood restaurants and interesting locals who make the few tourists who visit feel welcome. 

4. Silver Key Beach

Silver key beach florida

Silver Key Beach is a majestic spot on Sanibel Island on the Gulf Coast just off Fort Myers. If you want a serene beach experience, it doesn’t get more peaceful than this little-known beach. 

Sanibel is not the hottest Florida island for tourists, so you can enjoy your space on the beach and take a break from the busy mainland life. It’s always a wonderful location for scuba divers to explore reefs filled with wildlife and bird watchers to catch a glimpse of some unique species. 

3. Mexico Beach

Despite the name, this beach is on the Atlantic coast of Florida and is one of the more unique locations on this list. It’s secluded and extremely quiet– definitely one of the least crowded beaches in Florida Gulf Coast, but it also has a variety of materials that make up the sand, including quartz and other crystals. 

Many people like to fill a tiny jar with this beautiful sand to take a piece of this tranquil place home with them. Walk along the large beach of sparkling sand, and you might see some massive sea turtles roaming around. 

2. Cayo Costa

Cayo Costa is one of the most underdeveloped areas in Florida. It’s an island only accessible via pontoon boat or kayak, making it a secluded area that very few people visit. Cayo Costa offers some of the best views of the Gulf of Mexico. 

This island is a departure from city life in South Florida, full of natural beauty and lively creatures. You can spot sea turtles, manatees, porpoises, and colorful fish if you spend enough time exploring just the beach. 

1. Madeira Beach

Madeira beach florida panhandle

Despite Madeira Beach’s stunning boardwalk that stretches over 1,000 feet, it’s still a hidden gem that few tourists visit. If Cayo Costa feels too off-the-grid, Madeira Beach is full of adorable shops and charming restaurants. 

You can enjoy this traditional beach town vibe without fighting other tourists for space. It’s phenomenal if you want to do some fishing. The only thing to note is that they host an annual John’s Pass Seafood Festival, toward the end of January, making the area crowded. 

Final Thoughts

The best beach trips allow you to rejuvenate yourself by relaxing and enjoying some alone time. Be sure to pick at least one of our favorite of the 11 least crowded beaches in Florida Gulf Coast to visit. Don’t go to the crowded beaches when you can visit these hidden gems instead!

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