21 Best Walkable Beach Towns in Florida

Best Walkable Beach Towns in Florida

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Florida is a great state to visit, thanks to its beautiful beaches. There are a lot of beach towns in Florida, but not all of them are walkable.

Read on for our list of the best walkable beach towns in Florida, where you can explore beaches, museums, restaurants, and more all on foot.

Our List of the 21 Best Walkable Beach Towns in Florida

Our list of the 21 best walkable beach towns in florida

21. New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach is home to 17 miles worth of white sand beaches where you can spend time surfing, swimming, walking, and enjoying a relaxing vacation. From New Smyrna Beach, you can get to Smyrna Dunes Park. In the downtown area, you can walk along the river, visit one of the multiple parks, go to one of the art galleries, and walk to many restaurants.

20. Sanibel

The beach town Sanibel is on the east coast of Sanibel Island. As one of the best walkable beach towns in Florida, you’ll find that within the town, you can walk to the lighthouse, the beach, the golf club, your accommodations, and plenty of restaurants. Beautiful beaches line the whole island, so you will be within walking distance from one no matter where you stay on the island.

19. Captiva Island

Captiva Island is just northwest of Sanibel island and features walkable beaches that line the entire west coast of the island. Moreover, it’s an excellent destination for families with kids, as there are various entertaining shows and activities taking place on the beach, such as pirate and mermaid-themed plays.

18. St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach is a small but one of the more exciting best walkable beach towns in Florida. One of its outstanding landmarks is the Don CeSar hotel first opened in 1928. However, the town boasts many more hotels, resorts, restaurants, and bars situated close together in the middle of the island. 

17. Naples

Best walkable beach towns in florida naples beach

Naples is a prime destination in Florida if you’re looking to combine high-end shopping with spending your days on the beach. Naples Pier is just a few blocks from downtown Naples where you can walk to multiple restaurants and shops. It’s also a popular place for spotting dolphins.

16. Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is a beautiful beach town with white sand beaches and emerald green waters. You’ll find no shortage of beach bars, fishing piers, and many entertainment parks here. In addition, there’s a nearby conservation park with hiking trails and various outdoor activities. 

15. St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a small quaint town just south of Jacksonville. It is one of the best walkable beach towns in Florida since there are a lot of shops and restaurants in the downtown area and plenty of beaches nearby to explore.

14. Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

Lauderdale-by-the-Sea is just north of Miami beach. It only spans 2.5 miles along the beach, but it is packed full of things to do and explore. The town has three parks and one of the four piers in Broward County, Anglin’s Pier. Furthermore, there’s a living coral reef not far from the shore, ideal for snorkeling and diving.

13. Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach is a great beach town just east of Jacksonville on the Atlantic coast of Florida. It’s packed with attractions catering to all ages and interests, including a beach museum, golf club, waterpark, and more. The town also boasts a diverse culinary scene, making exploration on foot that much more enjoyable. On your next visit, you’ll see for yourself why it made the list of the best walkable beach towns in Florida.

12. Cocoa Beach

Cocoa beach pier in florida

Cocoa Beach is an exciting town located south of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Everything in the area is easily accessible on foot, from the restaurants and beach resorts to the historic Cocoa Beach Pier and different shops. Cocoa Beach also hosts the annual Easter Surfing Festival, air shows, and many other events and festivals throughout the year.

11. Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is a perennial top-ranked beach in the US with equally touted resorts. It’s also packed with fun activities, ranging from cycling and rollerblading to jet-skiing and parasailing. And if you’re looking to relax and stroll through the town, there are plenty of restaurants and shops along the beach. In addition, Pier 60 hosts a nightly sunset celebration.

10. Siesta Key

Siesta Key is a barrier island near Sarasota, FL. It’s home to Crescent Beach and Sarasota Beach, from which you can walk to golf and tennis courses and other attractions. The town also boasts an impressive dining and shopping district, Siesta Key Village.

9. Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach is one of the most popular walkable beach towns in Florida, situated on a barrier island southwest of Fort Myers. The island is one of the best walkable beach towns in Florida, and you can easily get to beaches, the fishing pier, restaurants, parks, and resorts in the area.

8. Amelia Island

Another one of Florida’s beach towns that are well-worth a visit is Amelia Island located not far off the coast in northeast Florida. The town has white sand beaches and a plethora of entertainment options ranging from different recreational activities to shopping, arts events, and more. There are also a lot of upscale hotels and bed and breakfasts.

7. Grayton Beach

Grayson beach in florida walkable beach

Grayton Beach is a historic beach town on the Florida Panhandle. The town is home to Grayton Beach State Park, fishing charters, many restaurants, and bars. In addition, it’s known as a pet-friendly destination, and even has an unofficial slogan that states it’s a place with nice dogs.

6. Delray Beach

Another one of the best beach towns in Florida is Delray Beach on Florida’s east coast. The beach town is full of places to stay, beautiful beaches, and museums.

Furthermore, it boasts a vibrant arts and culture scene. And if you’re a fan of shopping for healthy foods, you can head to the local Green Market on Saturday mornings where you’ll find farm-to-fork produce, tropical fruits, artisan cheese and jams, and a whole lot more. 

5. Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Beach is the northernmost city on the east coast of Florida, just south of Georgia. The town is home to Fort Clinch State Park and a lighthouse. You can also walk to the beach, museums, and restaurants.

In addition, all manner of events are hosted regularly at Fernandina beach, including Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival, antique shows, and parades, among others.

4. Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is one of the best beach walkable beach towns in Florida — and on the gulf coast– just south of Tampa bay. It is a barrier island where you will find large beaches, parks, and the Anna Maria Island Historical Society, which is a history museum. There are also a lot of restaurants and bars on the island.

3. Destin Harbor

Destin Harbor is on the Gulf Coast of the sunshine state. In the beach town, you will find the Destin Harbor boardwalk, which is an outdoor shopping venue with restaurants, entertainment, and excursions.

2. North Beach

North Beach is a beach town in Indian River North. It is one of the walkable beach towns where you will find a golf course, a wildlife refuge, and museums. There are also many excellent modern and mid-century hotels to enhance your vacation.

1. Key West

Key west best walkable beach towns in florida

Key West is one of the best walkable beach towns in Florida located at the southernmost point within the continental US. As such, one of the town’s most famous attractions is the Southernmost Point Buoy made of concrete and easily noticeable.

You will find a lot of antique shops in Key West, as well as museums, art galleries, and more. Moreover, the western part of the island is home to the historic district with buildings dating from the late 18th century. 

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts of best walkable beach towns in florida

There are many great beach towns in Florida that you can explore on foot. From diverse culinary scenes to rich history and various natural beauties, they all have something unique to offer that will make your visit memorable. How many of our 21 best walkable beach towns in Florida will you visit?

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