The 8 Extra Large Beach Blankets for Your Summer Adventure 

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No matter where you enjoy your outdoor adventures, adding one of these extra-large beach blankets to your packing list will make your downtime more enjoyable. Wherever you are, you can stay comfortable with any of these blankets.

I have been an avid beach-goer for most of my life. I understand the difference that a high-quality beach blanket can make when it comes to soaking up the sun.

Because having the right blanket is so important to a great beach day, I gave eight blankets a try and found the Wekapo Beach Blanket to be the best extra large beach blanket for your day in the sun. In my opinion, the Wekapo Beach Blanket comes out on top because the manufacturers listened to the customers to tweak the design to perfection.

The blanket you choose will depend on your outdoor adventure, specific needs in an outdoor ground blanket, and how much you are willing to invest in your gear.

Keep reading to learn more about what I think are the best extra large beach blankets. 

Wekapo Beach Blanket – Best Overall

Wekapo beach blanket sandproof, beach mat, big & compact sand free mat quick drying, lightweight & durable with 6 stakes & 4 corner pockets, standard (1~3 person)

The makers of the Wekapo Beach Blanket took insight from customer feedback when designing this product. It is lightweight and made of nylon that will keep you sand free. You can take it with you in a small carrying bag that you can slip with the rest of your beach belongings.

It has six metal stakes and four anchor loops, meaning you have two backups. This blanket has an area of 121” x 111”, which is enough for up to eight adults. You can use the four sand anchor pockets to store goodies like your portable beach speaker or weigh down the blanket with sand.

When water hits the blanket, it will roll right off, unlike most beach blankets. Anything that stays on this blanket will dry almost immediately since it’s made from a quick dry parachute nylon. Furthermore, you can get this blanket in blue, gray, purple, green, or white.

RileyKyi Sand Free Beach Blanket – Best on a Budget

Zodifevi sand free beach blanket, oversized waterproof sand proof beach mat for 4-7 persons, outdoor travel blanket for picnic, camping, hiking

If you are on a budget, the RileyKyi Sand-Free Beach Blanket is the perfect beach blanket for your next outdoor adventure. It will keep you off the hot sand and the annoying sand off of you– it can also comfortably fit a few people. This durable polyester blanket is lightweight, and you can easily pack it into a small bag of about 5.5” x 8.5”. It also comes with four yellow plastic stakes and a carabiner to attach it to your backpack or beach tote when it’s rolled up and tucked inside its carry bag. 

When you unfold the blanket, it measures around 89” x 79”. The material repels water and sand, plus it is durable and breathable. You can use it on the beach, for a picnic, or as a shade cloth. Afterward, you can just shake it off and pack it in its included pouch before you head home.

Authentic Mexican Blanket – Most Stylish

Authentic mexican blanket - park blanket, handwoven serape blanket, perfect as beach blanket, picnic blanket, outdoor blanket, yoga blanket, camping blanket, car blanket, woven blanket (coral)

This authentic Mexican blanket is a popular choice. It’s handwoven on a traditional loom by artisans in Tlaxcala, Mexico. The soft texture and bold, Aztec color pallets make it a stylish option for your sunset beach walks, mid-afternoon oceanside yoga session or just snuggling up, relaxing on your favorite beach chair and watching the stars on a clear fall night. 

This blanket can’t be considered sand free or as a water resistant beach blanket, but it is incredibly warm and very soft– in fact, it gets softer every time you wash it. Easily pop it into the washing machine and add a touch of fabric softener for the best results. You could always keep this blanket on top of a water resistant beach blanket for extra softness or as a picnic blanket and then use it at night to keep you warm while walking on the beach.

This blanket weighs approximately three pounds and is the size of a twin sheet (75” x 50”). You can get it in several color combinations, including:

  • Coral
  • Forest
  • Azure Blush
  • Sunshine
  • Sky Blue
  • Gray
  • Sunrise
  • Mandarin
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Mint
  • Bright Mandarin
  • Sand

While it is not as large as others on our list, it is valuable in its special way: this fashionable blanket is budget-friendly, and some of the proceeds go to a charity.

ECCOSOPHY Sand-Proof Beach Blanket – Best Sand-Proof

Eccosophy sandproof beach blanket - oversized sand free beach mat 9'x10' - lightweight outdoor mat - double anchored with 4 corner sand pockets & plastic stakes - heat proof, quick drying & compact

The ECCOSOPHY Sand-Proof Beach Blanket employs ripstop parachute nylon fabric. Ripstop nylon naturally repels both wet and dry sand, so you can give it a light dusting and shaking once you’re done using it. Then, fold it into the compact carrying bag. 

This blanket is also heat resistant and exceptionally soft but is not a water resistant blanket. Additionally, the 9’ x 10’ size is a large blanket big enough for the whole family to gather on it. It comes with four corner sand pockets and four yellow plastic stakes to hold it down on windy days. You could also store small items in the corners.

The parachute material creates a lightweight and compact blanket that you can fit right into your bag, car, or luggage or use the carabiner to snap onto your beach tote. It’s machine washable as well– just hang it after washing to dry. Overall, this outdoor blanket mat is a great deal. It will keep you and your family comfortable on your next outing. 

Scuddles Extra Large Picnic and Outdoor Blanket – Best for Travel

Scuddles extra large picnic & outdoor blanket dual layers for outdoor water-resistant handy mat tote spring summer blue and white striped great for the beach

The soft fabric, zippered pocket, and attached carrying handle make the Scuddles Extra Large Picnic and Outdoor Blanket easy to pack. When unfolded, this blanket measures 60” x 75”. It is large enough to lay on with your family. Whether you need it for a picnic or beach day, this blanket is readily transported. Keep the blanket rolled to carry– it is not much bulkier than a standard handbag. It’s integrated and easy-to-carry design plus water resistant backing makes this a great beach blanket for your next road trip to the shore.

The multi-layer assembly makes the fabric soft to the touch. The water resistant side is a dual-layer: it has a padding layer to buffer between you and the ground and a plastic-like layer to make it water- and sand-proof. You can easily add this blanket to your backpack for your next hike or to your tailgate party pack for the big game. 

Sunlit Silky Soft Boho Sand Proof Beach Blanket – Best Lightweight

41heffasc6l. Sl500

Between the low price, beautiful color options, and lightweight design, the Sunlit Silky Soft Boho Sand-Proof Beach Blanket is the best lightweight beach blanket to stay sand free on the beach. You can get it in four colors, including:

  • Blue and Pink
  • Tiffany and Green
  • Maroon and Orange
  • Blue and Violet

Measuring at 106” x 81”, this oversized blanket weighs approximately 1.5 lbs. The only downside is that the coloring is more muted in person than in the images. Nevertheless, it is still a gorgeous beach blanket. There are four sand pockets that keep the blanket weighted down so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of the plastic stakes. It does not have a waterproof backing, so it is not a waterproof outdoor blanket.

The fabric is soft, silky, and non-irritable– a lightweight parachute nylon. You can easily brush off the sand, and water dries quickly. It seems like the sand falls through the blanket rather than pool in uncomfortable spaces. This large beach blanket is a great choice for sunbathing, listening to music at an outdoor festival, or laying out in the grass during a family BBQ.

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PortableAnd Extra Large Picnic and Outdoor Blanket – Best Waterproof

Portableand extra large picnic & outdoor blanket for water-resistant handy mat tote spring summer great for the beach,camping on grass waterproof sandproof, black and gray checkered

The PortableAnd Extra Large Picnic and Outdoor Blanket has three layers of fabric, each with its purpose. The ground layer utilizes the same fabric as diaper covers and waterproof shower curtains: PEVA, or polyethylene vinyl acetate– this is what creates a waterproof backing to keep you comfortable on the wet sand or grass. While the top fabric won’t stay sand free, the bottom layer will keep the sand from coming through.

This material is a more sustainable alternative to PVC, which requires many additives to become suitable for use in blankets. A central layer of padding creates a softer space to sit. The final layer is a soft fleece that is water- and sand-proof. 

With a quick shake, you can roll up this blanket and head home after your waterfront adventure. Once it’s rolled up, the polyurethane faux leather handles and carrying strap secure it in place. It is easy to attach to your beach bag to conserve space on the inside for your other beach gear. 

This blanket is great for camping, hiking, yoga, and sunbathing. When folded, it is 12” x 6”. It expands to 59” x 69” when rolled out.

YETI Lowlands Blanket – Best Durability

Yeti lowlands blanket, multi-use blanket with travel bag, smoke blue

YETI is a brand known for its rugged outdoor durability. The Lowlands Blanket is no different. This blanket repels pet hair, water, and dirt– you won’t find any sand sticking to this blanket! It is safe for the washing machine for easy cleaning. After you’ve washed it, the blanket folds into its own bag.

While it does carry a hefty price tag compared to the others, as far as beach blankets go, this one should last for many years without fail. The long-term value of this heavily quilted and reinforced outdoor blanket will make up for the initial investment.

This beach blanket has you covered at the beach and most other outdoor circumstances due to its durability and quality. If you are willing to make a large initial investment, the Lowlands blanket is right for you. It provides warm insulation and a hydro barrier so it can be used virtually anywhere during anytime of the year.

When unfolded, this blanket measures 55” x 74”. It has a fully waterproof layer on one side and a soft insulative layer on the other. When you get home from your trek in nature, just throw it in the wash like any other blanket. Keep in mind that this thick blanket is not compact or lightweight. It weighs 8.03 pounds, and its dimensions are 10.25” x 6.75” x 21” when folded.

Buying Guide

When shopping for the best extra large beach blankets for your next beach trip, keep these factors in mind.


Take into account the number of people in your group. If you only have a family of three, you likely do not need a 12” x 12” blanket. Now, if you want to fit up to seven adults, you’ll definitely need to look for a larger blanket. Many listings tell you how many people can fit on the blanket but be sure to check reviews for customer feedback. Also, consider the size of each person in your group. Smaller people do not need as big of a blanket to accommodate them. However, you may want to consider how much gear you’ll be bringing with and if you’d like to keep it sand free as well. For example, you’ll likely keep your beach towel on there with you and depending on how many of your friends are sitting on the sand free beach blanket with you, you may want one large enough that everyone’s towel will fit.


One of the best materials for a sand free blanket is parachute nylon. This material is water- and sand-proof, plus it has a low density. It is durable as well, but it is not the most comfortable option. You could also look for fleece blankets if you want more comfort.

Consider the sustainability of the polymers used. One with several layers compounds the benefits of individual materials, so you can get comfort and water resistance in your blanket.

Because you’ll be using this blanket on the ground, you’ll want something that is machine washable– a good beach blanket will be well-made and hold up well in the washing machine along with the beach towels.


When packing up your whole family after your beach day, you’ll want something easy to pack, lightweight and portable. Beach blankets that roll up into compact bags are some of the easiest to handle.

You will need stakes or sand to keep a lightweight blanket on the ground. sIf your blanket has corner pockets, you might need to sacrifice that extra storage to keep it in place.

If you aren’t as concerned with portability, you can go with one of the heavier options. These will not need stakes or sand anchor pockets to weigh them down. 


Playing in the sand can be fun, but most people don’t want to bring it home with them. Water- and sand-resistant beach blankets will clean up easily. You can shake it to get most of the sand off. Then, give it a quick rinse at the shower to remove anything that remains. You can wipe off the water before folding it into the carrying bag and then hang to dry, if needed, when you get home. The best sand free beach blankets should keep you away from the annoying sand but still be easy to brush off if the sand does find its way onto it.


Generally, quality increases with price. However, you can still get the most bang for your buck with one of the budget-friendly options. Keep in mind that you may not have all of the features of the expensive ones.

Nonetheless, you can still find a cheap lightweight beach blanket that resists sand and water and is comfortable enough for your family to use. Try to get the highest-quality item in your price range, and look out for sales when possible. But, the best beach blankets don’t have to be the most expensive ones.


The thickness of the blanket influences comfort. However, you want to balance the thickness with the weight. Try to find a happy medium where your blanket is thick enough for comfort, but not too heavy to carry.

If you plan on climbing a mountain with your blanket, it’s worth it to sacrifice comfort for ease of travel. On the other hand, those who drive up to a flat, sandy beach will do fine with something a bit heavier. If you’re looking for a picnic blanket, your best option might be something a bit in between– look for a water resistant backing but a softer top layer.


You want a blanket with high-quality workmanship. Attention to detail can amplify the durability of the product so that you can use it for many years. Read reviews or, if possible, look at the stitching and how the clasps work. Are sand pockets important to you? Or would you rather have a beach blanket with the plastic stakes to keep it from blowing in the wind?

Also, keep the colors in mind. Darker colors will make the blanket hotter because they absorb UV rays. Contrarily, lighter colors keep you cool by reflecting the UV rays but may show stains more easily.

If you need to pack more people on the blanket– such as your entire family– look for one with a square shape. A circular blanket or a rectangular one might work fine if you have a smaller group or children in your party. Choose a blanket best for your situation for the best outcome.


In this review, we’ve rounded up eight of the best extra large beach blankets. The overall best option is the Wekapo Beach Blanket due to its high-quality design, color options, size, comfort, and easy maintenance.

Regardless, any of these blankets will make excellent choices for your next outdoor adventure. If you’re looking for XL beach blankets, select any of the above links to buy one.

What are you waiting for? Summer is around the corner! Order one of these beach blankets today!

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