An ancient sport enhanced by modern technology

Spearfishers attest to the oneness with nature they experience while quietly waiting for their intended prey. An uncommon sport, some see it as a more eco-friendly way to fish. Learn more about this hunting,fishing and snorkeling/diving combo sport and how to master the skills needed for a successful catch.

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0 featured 2022 09 5 best pole spears for beginners
Pole Spears

5 Best Pole Spears for Beginners

So you want to catch fish with a pole spear? For beginners, using a pole spear can be one of …

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0 featured 2022 09 jbl shaka pole spear review
Pole Spears

JBL Shaka Pole Spear: Hands-on Review!

If you’re looking for a hands-on review of the JBL Shaka pole spear – look no further – you’ve found …

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0 featured 2022 07 a brief history of spearfishing and freediving
Pole Spears

A Brief History of Spearfishing and Freediving

Spearfishing is the act of catching fish with a spear, spear-like implement or spear gun. This ancient practice is thousands …

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