GoPro For the Beach: Which Model is Right for You?

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With so many GoPro models on the market, it can be overwhelming to pick the right version for your needs. That’s why we’ve taken the time to do the research for you to determine which is best for your days at the shore.

GoPro cameras are an excellent option for water sports in general, and they are particularly appealing for the harsh conditions you’ll sometimes find at the beach. Whether your priority in a waterproof action cam is outstanding video quality and video resolution, good low light performance, unbeatable battery life, or something else entirely, one of the best GoPro cameras is sure to serve you well.

Overall Best Pick- The GoPro Hero8 Black

The way technology works, it’s always the latest and greatest models from any given brand name that gets all the attention. And then, of course, when a new “latest and greatest” comes along, that other model – that was just the toast of the town – is thrown to the curb.

That’s a bit of how the story goes with the GoPro Hero8 Black. This is not some underdog pick for our favorite GoPro to take with you for beach adventures – this is a waterproof high-end action camera suitable for underwater photography in salt water and much, much more.

Away from the beach, you could use it for mountain biking and plenty of other action sports. However, at this point, it is no longer at the top of the GoPro lineup, so it tends to be forgotten.

We don’t think that should be the case.

In fact, we think this is the best pick for most people, unless you happen to have specific demands that warrant the selection of another model (we’ll talk about those other models in the next section). For now, let’s touch on the best features that make the Hero8 Black such an excellent action camera.

Take 4K Videos

If video resolution is one of your primary shopping points, the Hero8 Black is not going to disappoint.

You can take 4k video with this camera, meaning the images will be impressively crisp and clear when you get back home and do whatever editing you would like to perform. While it’s true that recent GoPro models have gone up to 5k video, that’s an upgrade that isn’t necessarily essential for everyone.

For the casual GoPro camera user who wants excellent videos but doesn’t need the absolute highest resolution available, the 4k video you get from the GoPro Hero8 Black is more than good enough to get the job done.

Capture Stable Images

The stability achieved by this camera is a step above the GoPro Hero7 thanks to the use of Hypersmooth 2.0. There are even three modes to pick from on the stabilization settings, so you can dial in exactly what you need depending on what it is you are doing. For example, if you are bouncing up and down on some rough waves at the beach, using the highest setting for stabilization will likely result in a much better finished product.

Clear Audio

Another place this camera has been upgraded from the GoPro Hero7 is in terms of the audio it captures. The new microphone used in the Hero8 is wind resistant, which is a perfect feature to have added to a camera that you plan on taking to the beach. Wind is a near constant companion at beaches around the world, meaning going with the Hero8 over the Hero7 makes a ton of sense for those who want to get audio that lives up to the quality of their video.

Many Other Benefits

We’ve already managed to build a pretty strong case for this particular GoPro, with benefits like taking beautiful 4K video, grabbing clean audio, and shooting stable videos thanks to advanced technology. We could keep going on from there to talk about the fun time lapse option, the built-in mount, solid performance in low light, and on and on.

One of the best compact cameras available on the market today, featuring reliable battery life and waterproof design for underwater use, we think you’ll love what the GoPro Hero8 Black adds to your beach days.

While this won’t be the right pick for everyone, it does have an excellent blend of features and affordability, making it an outstanding choice in most cases. If you order this GoPro model ahead of your next beach trip, you should be able to capture anything that you want to record for the world to see.

Other GoPro Models to Consider

Not sure that the Hero8 is the right pick for your needs and budget? Here are three other options that could grab your attention instead:

Best for Newest Features- GoPro Hero10 Black

If you are willing to spend a little more on your GoPro camera purchase, you might opt for the Hero10 Black – which currently sits at the top of the lineup for this well-known brand.

This has all the bells and whistles you would expect for a bigger investment, and some features you might not have even known were available. With 5.3K video to capture more detail, a front facing screen, a free memory card, cloud uploading and time warp 3.0 and more.

Best for 360 Degree Video- GoPro Max

The headline with the GoPro Max is the ability to capture 360 video. This is one of those things that won’t mean anything to some people – but it will be absolutely essential for others.

With the Max, you can shoot in 6K, enabling clarity in your videos that is possible with few other cameras on the market today. There is a price to pay for this technology, but it opens up exciting possibilities for the right video creator.

Best for Waterproof- GoPro Hero7

We also need to give a nod to the Hero7, which we mentioned earlier while talking about how it has been upgraded in some ways to turn into the Hero8. While that’s true, it does mean that you could track down a Hero 7 for a modest price if you decide the features it contains are enough for your purposes.

These can be a little harder to find these days with so many newer models on the market, but it’s worth taking a look around if you would like to save some money on what is still an excellent product.

GoPro Camera Shopping Tips

To help you find the right GoPro camera for your needs, here are some tips to consider when shopping around:


Finding the right GoPro Hero to line up with what you plan to do, rather than automatically buying the latest and greatest, can save you some money in the end.

Video resolution

All GoPro cameras provide excellent image quality.

Yes, as you go up the product line, you’ll have access to even better resolution, but is that required for your uses? Think about how you’ll be using the videos you capture and decide how far you need to go. If a previous model will get the job done, it might be possible to get deals reduced price that will offer nice savings.

Going underwater?

For most uses, any GoPro that you find will be suitable for your wet adventures. Yes, it’s true that you’ll need to look into an accessory like a dive housing if you want to go diving with your GoPro, but you’ll have to get down to significant depths before that matters.

If you are only going to be using your GoPro for surfing, kayaking, and similar activities, you can use any model without a dive housing and be in good shape. However, not all GoPros are waterproof so be sure to check with the manufacturer if this is a make or break feature.

Image stabilization

One of the biggest advancements that has been made over the years of GoPro versions is the improved hypersmooth image stabilization technology. This allows video that would otherwise be rather rough to be evened out and appear quite smooth to the viewer. This is one area where upgrading to a newer version of the GoPro series that has hypersmooth stabilization could be an important choice, as it would lead to a great improvement in the finished product of your videos.

All GoPro Camera Models are a Good Choice 

No matter which of the GoPros you pick for your adventures at the beach, this brand name will leave you in good hands.

GoPros are quality cameras with excellent performance, they work nicely with a selfie stick, you can buy accessories like a waterproof case, SD card or extra battery if needed, and the price is reasonable given the capabilities offered.

From stunning underwater photos to amazing slow motion videos and much, much more, a GoPro offers endless entertainment and possibilities.

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