The 6 Best GoPro Kayak Mounts

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Looking to capture some action footage on an upcoming kayak excursion? Then you’ll need a safe and secure way to mount your GoPro camera. I’ve compiled 6 of the best GoPro mounts for your kayak available on the market today.

It seems like GoPros are everywhere these days. From the ski hill to the ocean waves, it’s now easier than ever to capture incredible high-definition video and still photographs.

GoPro’s are great for capturing almost any type of outdoor footage, but you’ll need some added gear to take full advantage of their abilities. A good mounting system will allow you to capture great footage without checking on the camera or worrying that the mount won’t hold.

There a variety of mounting options when on a kayak. Everything from chest mounts to paddle mounts to mounting the camera on the hull of the kayak. In this review, I’ll go into the best options for each type of kayak mount.

Quick Answer: 6 Best GoPro Kayak Mounts 

Types of GoPro Kayak Mounts

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Chest Mount. A great GoPro kayak mount for capturing video and still photos is a chest mount. These mounts offer a great perspective and give a real ‘in the action’ feel to the video. They’re great for setting and forgetting too, as the camera is securely strapped to your body and won’t come loose.

Paddle Mount. This is an interesting mount that will give you some unique footage. With the GoPro mounted on the end of your paddle, you can capture great still photographs, or use the paddle as a sort of selfie stick and capture great selfies and group photos.

Boat Mount. You can also mount the GoPro on the kayak itself. Either the bow or the stern of the kayak are great spots to place your camera. This will offer a stable platform to mount the camera which results in steady video footage and scenic still shots. These types of mounts are usually suction cup style mounts or adhesive mounts. Either way, you want to ensure they are secure and have no chance of coming loose.

Helmet Mount. Helmet kayak mounts are great for capturing action footage. They give that classic GoPro-style first-person point of view perspective. You can either mount the camera on the side or the front of your helmet, depending on your preference.

Swivel Mount: RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount

Ram mounts twist-lock composite suction cup base with ball rap-b-224-1u with b size 1

This well-made, durable swivel mount will allow you quickly and easily adjust your GoPro’s position – enabling you to get incredible action footage. The mount features a double socket arm with adjustment points at both ends, which allows an almost infinite number of viewing angles.

It’s constructed from high-strength powder-coated marine-grade aluminum, making it more than capable of withstanding saltwater conditions.

The 3″ wide twist-lock suction cup is one of the highlights of this mount. It’s super strong and won’t come off, even in rough conditions. The mounting surface can even get a little wet without the mount coming loose, in fact, it increases the grip.

Keep in mind that the mount is meant to be used on smooth surfaces, so if your kayak has a rough textured surface it may need modifications. There is no tether included, so be sure to secure your camera by tying it off before getting in the water.

Key Features

  • Durable high-strength composite construction
  • Built for the marine environment
  • Twist lock suction cup base provides excellent grip
  • Works well for mounting on car, motorcycle or boat
  • Compatible with all GoPro models

Chest Mount: Stuntman 360 – Shoulder, Chest and Hip Harness

Stuntman 360 - shoulder mount for gopro and other action cameras

This versatile shoulder harness works very well as a GoPro kayak mount. The unique design is a convenient way to capture kayak footage. The Stuntman 360 – Shoulder, Chest and Hip Harness is compatible with all GoPro HERO camera models. There are three different ways to wear the harness; on the shoulder, as a chest harness, or on the hip. This enables you to get a wide variety of camera angles while on the water.

Another nice feature is the 360-degree ball swivel mount. This enables you to point the camera in any direction you wish to film, and then tighten it when you achieve your desired angle. For kayaking, the shoulder position offers a unique angle. It’s slightly higher up than a traditional chest mount, and won’t be as shaky as helmet-mounted camera footage.

The strap is fully adjustable and will fit a variety of sizes. The shoulder strap can also be configured to wear on either shoulder, so you can film from whichever side you like best.

Key Features

  • Can be worn on shoulder, chest or hip
  • Convenient 360 degree swivel mount
  • Shoulder angle great for kayak footage
  • Adjustable size

Helmet Mount: GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount

Gopro helmet front + side mount (all gopro cameras) - official gopro mount

Want to capture great action footage? A helmet mount will give you breathtaking point of view action photos and video. Strap your GoPro into the GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount and be prepared to show off your footage to friends and family!

Manufactured by GoPro, this official helmet mount is a great option, and you can be sure it’s compatible with all GoPro models. The mount can be fixed to either the front or the side of your helmet with the included 3M adhesive pads. The swivel mount is fully adjustable and can be rotated in any direction while the camera is mounted.

Key Features

  • Official GoPro product
  • The swivel mount is fully adjustable
  • 3M adhesive provides a highly durable bond

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Budget Pick: BRLS 3.0 Premium Removable Mount for GoPro

Brls 3. 0 premium removable mount for action cameras

If you’re looking for a good GoPro kayak mount without breaking the bank, then this mount is an excellent option. The BRLS 3.0 Premium Removable Mount can be mounted anywhere on your kayak quickly and easily. It uses a triple suction cup mounting system to secure your camera, and due to its quick-release suction tabs, it can be moved effortlessly from one mounting location to another.

This mount is small and sleek and can be mounted anywhere on a kayak. It’s compatible with all GoPro cameras and can be used for a variety of other tasks besides kayaking. BRLS designed the mount to be used on surfboards, stand up paddleboards, kayaks, boats, jet skis and more.

Key Features

  • Quick release tabs make it easy to move on the fly
  • Excellent suction
  • Compatible with all GoPro Cameras
  • Great for other applications too

Pole Mount: GoPro Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount

Gopro handlebar/seatpost/pole mount (all gopro cameras) - official gopro mount

If you’re looking to get some unique kayak footage, then consider this official GoPro brand pole mount. The GoPro Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount can easily attach your camera to any kayak paddle. While probably not the best choice for video, as paddling will move the camera around too much, this is a great option for taking distinctive still photos. You can mount your GoPro at the very edge of the paddle handle and face it in any direction you like. The result is a sort of selfie stick on the end of your paddle, which is great for taking selfies or group shots.

The mounts design is excellent, as you might expect from a GoPro product. It’s fully adjustable and will fit around 0.35 to 1.4 inch (9 to 35mm) diameter tubes. This will fit around most kayak paddles. The mount also has a 3360-degree rotating base, which enables you to face the camera in any direction you like.

The mount itself is the typical quick-release GoPro style, which allows you to instantly switch between this mount and another GoPro mount. Durable construction minimizes vibration and camera shake, so you’ll end up with smoother photos or video.

Key Features

  • Official GoPro product
  • The quick-release mount allows switching mounts on the fly
  • Durable construction minimizes vibration
  • Great for bikes, ski poles, and motorcycles too

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Floating Case: Ho Stevie! Floaty Case

Ho stevie! Floaty case + screen protectors for gopro hero 8 black | ultra-buoyant floating case with long screw | save your memories

OK, so this isn’t actually a GoPro Kayak Mount, it’s a case to keep your GoPro from sinking. If you’re going to mount an expensive GoPro camera on your kayak, consider getting something to keep your GoPro floating in case it gets the mount gets knocked out of place. This is especially true if you kayak in the ocean, or in choppy water.

The Ho Stevie! is a great investment and keeps your precious GoPro above water. Its bright orange color makes it easy to spot on the surface of the water. The case is a solid piece of hard rubber, so it’s even more durable than the already rugged GoPro. The Ho Stevie’s designers did an excellent job. The GoPro’s screen remains visible with the case on and it’s compatible with mounts, harnesses, and poles.

Key Features

  • Compatible with GoPro Hero 7, Hero 6, and Hero 5
  • Bright orange color makes it easy to spot on the surface
  • Screen remains visible when the case is on

What to consider when buying a GoPro kayak mount

2 2022 09 the 6 best gopro kayak mounts consider

Compatibility. Not all camera mounts are compatible with every GoPro Model. Be sure to check if your GoPro model will work with the mount you’re interested in. Some mounts designed for other action cameras will require an adapter piece to fit a GoPro camera.

Use Case. Consider where you will be using the GoPro mount. If you want to use it for multiple applications, a quick-release mount with suction cups is a good option. This lets you quickly move the mount from your recreational kayak to your surfboard to your car’s dashboard. If you’re mounting the GoPro to your helmet you’ll need to use an adhesive style mount.

Mount Surface. Suction style mounts are ideal for smooth surfaces. If your kayak or mounting surface is rough, consider a different mounting system.

Tether Clip. Whenever you take a GoPro out on the water with you, it’s important to make sure you have some sort of fail-safe. If you get hit by a big wave or accidentally knock your mount off your kayak, you don’t want your expensive camera to end up in Davey Jones’ locker. Having some sort of tether clip that anchors your mount to the kayak is a smart move. Some mounts come with a tether clip included, or you can pick one up separately.

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