Beach Utility Wagons: Features to Consider Before You Buy

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For your upcoming day at the beach, you’ve likely thought about looking at beach utility wagons to help you haul all of your beach gear. But, to find the right beach utility wagon, there are features to consider before choosing the perfect one. 

Beach Wagons Benefits   

Beach wagons benefits

From beach chairs, beach blankets, beach towels, and your favorite beach snacks, there’s plenty to carry for a day at the beach with family and friends.

You don’t want to have to lug all of your beach gear in multiple trips– that’s where investing in a well-made beach wagon comes in handy!

What you can toss in a beach wagon

Thankfully, you don’t have to juggle the pile of loads because the best beach utility wagons will accommodate it all for you.

  • Kids’ stuff– toys, buckets, shovels, a diaper bag… you name it
  • Beach chairs
  • Umbrellas, tents or canopies
  • Coolers
  • Speakers
  • Towels
  • First aid kit and sunscreen
  • Boogie boards

How the right wagon can help

Sometimes, there are so many beach necessities that you can’t stuff into a bag and will have to load your hands with those without a beach wagon. 

  • No issues falling or tripping when your arms aren’t stacked with gear
  • A beach wagon offers plenty of room to hold everything
  • A beach cart has a heavy duty frame and its high-quality materials will haul items smoothly to your picnic spot
  • Uneven ground is no issue when you find a cart with the right kind of wheels

Features to Consider When Shopping for Beach Utility Wagons

Features to consider

A beach wagon is that multi-purpose carriage that comes in handy for everyone. Be it an all-terrain beach wagon or a folding wagon cart, they’re great for for more than just the beach. You can haul garden tools to the backyard or front yard, carry your sports essentials or haul your beach essentials.

Since a beach wagon is such a multi-functional tool, it is important to choose the right one– but only after giving due consideration to the features.

If you pick a product randomly, it may have missing features or limited functionality that might not be too helpful. For instance, if your wagon does not have sturdy wheels, you can only use the cart by hauling it behind you. You may also come home with what you think may be the right wagon only to discover that it does not have rotational wheels. Hence, it is important to refer to a buying guide to decide which beach wagon is best for you.

Mesh Cup Holders

If you’re looking for an outdoor utility wagon, perhaps considering a wagon with mesh cup holders is important. Additional mesh cup holders will give you a safe place to keep your water bottles, juice bottles, or beverage cups where there’s no other available space. You can also use the mesh cup pockets as extra storage options for your belongings so that your hands remain free. Most beach wagons have these but it doesn’t hurt to confirm.

Telescoping or Retractable Handle

A telescopic handle gives you the liberty to haul your wagon easier and anywhere you wish to. This feature means you get an adjustable handle so that you can fix the height to suit your convenience. Regardless of whether you have to haul it on loose sand or soft sand, adjustable handles make it easier to move the product.

Collapsible Option

The best beach wagon is one that has a collapsible structure– when you are not using the product, you can simply fold it and store it in your living room, car, cabinet, or on garage shelves so that it does get in the way. A collapsible structure does not mean that it is a lighter wagon; it only means that the product has easy storage space features.

Rotating Wheels

If you’re looking for the best beach wagon, you may want to consider one with rotational wheels. There are many products whose front wheels rotate at 360 degrees, without altering their position. If greater maneuverability is what you want, you must get a wagon with rotational wheels that will help you change positions with ease.

Double Wheels

Some models feature two rear wheels for greater durability and strength. They could be big wheels or smaller wheels but choosing models with double wheels helps users rest assured that the wagon won’t buckle under the weight it’s carrying. If you wish for greater weight capacity and do not want structural deformation or instability, consider this feature.

All-terrain Wheels

For the best beach wagon, you may also consider models with all terrain wheels. These are wagons that are suitable for all terrain types, such as concrete, rocky surfaces, loose soil, mud, or beach sand. Regardless of whether it’s a boardwalk wagon or a double-decker wagon; as long as it has double wheels, it will accompany you with any problems on any terrain type.

These models also have a higher tolerance to wear and tear and do not succumb easily to damages. Besides, this feature guarantees a smooth ride with your wagon each time.

Handle Grip

The handle grip matters greatly. If you don’t wish to lose control of your wagon, you must ensure that it has a properly designed handle. Sudden movements may cause the wagon to fall out of your control but sturdy handles will prevent that from happening. Imagine trying to use one hand to pull the wagon and your other hand to hold onto your dog’s leash or your child’s hand while pulling the wagon down the shore– you’ll want to make sure you have full control. 


When considering options for beach wagons, you will come upon many features. From radio flyer wagon, and oversized wheels to heavy duty wagon, the many elements might confuse you. Hence, it is important to learn beforehand what are the best options to choose from.

Most importantly, pay attention to what materials the beach utility wagons are made with. For starters, the best product will have a powder-coated steel frame so that it is sturdy enough to stay put under the weight you give it. Secondly, the best wagon must also have 600D, high-quality polyester manufacturing for the walls and base. You will find other wagons with alloy steel frames too, which although light, are competent under wear and tear.

The best beach wagon will also have a PVC lining on its exterior surface so that water spills and abrasions do not cause any damage to the product.


The greater the portability, the easier it would be to transport your wagon from place to place. Wagons that collapse and fold easily are a bonus. You can look for the level of portability you want to be based on the weight of your product. I recommend choosing a wagon with a lighter construction if you will be transporting it more frequently.

Load-Handling Capacity 

If you often plan outings on the beach with the family or friends in tow each time, then you must consider the load handling capacity while shopping for beach utility wagons. Now if you intend to put your beach gear and everything from the family’s beach packing list in the wagon too, including your swimsuits, beach towels, beach blankets, infant car seat, sunscreen, hats, and shoes in the wagon, then you need a greater load-handling product.

Best Beach Wagons

Beach wagons

We’ve put together a list of some beach utility wagons we think may fit the bill for this summer’s trip to the beach. Take a look at these beach wagons to start considering which style or type will be best for you and your family.

Foldable Beach Wagon by VIVOSUN

The VIVOSUN beach wagon is great for outdoor use because it has a larger storage space. It has well-crafted parts too with a sturdy metal frame. From adjustable handle, PVC material, and height adjustability, there are great features in this wagon.

Beach Cart by Magic Union

This one has a large storage space with excellently crafted parts. It also features a robust metal frame with weatherproofing qualities. It is also a collapsible wagon, with a telescoping handle and rotational wheels.

This wagon does not require assembling and opens within a second with the push of a button. The drawstring in the middle does a great job at removing the folds within seconds too. Moreover, this model offers height adjustability, rotational wheels, and adjustable handles too. Hence, people of all heights can conveniently use it for their outdoor jams.

Heavy Duty Beach Cart by Mac Sports

This one requires no assembling, comes together within seconds, and has a large capacity. It features mildew and UV resistance, with telescoping handles for easy transportation and mesh holders. The extra pockets for holding beverage cups come in handy when there’s no bench seating available at your favorite beach spot.

The extra-large wheels are also beneficial when you have to haul your beach stuff or carry outdoor necessities for your gatherings such as parks, concerts, or picnics.

Final Thoughts

A beach wagon is the best option for hauling your heavy loads for a day at the beach. It can be quite challenging to transport everything to your outdoor picnic spot if not for these super convenient wagons.

From beach tents or canopies, beach umbrellas, and beach chairs to the endless food items, beverages, and beach gear, you can trust a robust, sturdy, and weather-resistant wagon to carry it all for you. Your arms wouldn’t have to carry the loads each time you have to make it with the things from the parking lot to the sandy stretches to set up your beach blanket at your picnic spot.

All you need to do is look for the key features to ensure that your choice of wagon is sturdy, portable, resistant to damage from various elements, and competent to carry larger loads.

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