Waterproof Beach Blankets to Keep You Dry on Shore

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A waterproof beach blanket is a critical item to add to your outdoor itinerary. With a waterproof blanket, you can relax without worrying about getting wet or dusting off the sand. It also keeps your belongings dry by creating a barrier between you and the water.

Whether you love surfing or basking on the sunny beach on hot summer days, the beach gear you choose will make a huge difference in your time at the beach.

Your beach blanket also doubles up as a picnic, hiking, and camping ground cover. I found the CGEAR Sand-free Outdoor Mat a great pick overall because of its heavy-duty construction and availability in multiple sizes. With the double-reinforced seams, you’re sure to use this blanket for years without coming off.

The CGEAR Sand-free Outdoor Mat is an excellent buy if visiting the beach with a large family or group of friends, but if you’re big on solo beach trips, the JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket is a better pick. You also don’t want to skimp on handy features like the phone case on the WELLAX Beach Blanket or the smart fold design on the JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket.

I also researched a few other waterproof beach blankets. Read on to find the best for you.

Best Waterproof Beach Blankets Quick Overview

Best Overall & Best Sand Proof Beach Blanket- CGEAR Sand-free Outdoor Mat

Cgear the original sand-free outdoor camping mat – patented technology, water-resistant and anti-fade material, military-grade construction – multi use outdoor blanke

This military-grade mat is a perfect example of a durable, waterproof beach blanket but also a sand free beach blanket. It’s made from a heavy-duty woven material that allows sand, dust, and dirt to fall through without coming back up. CGEAR adds a layer of polypropylene to create a sand-free and water-resistant beach blanket.

The mat is also UV stabilized to avoid fading and the seams are double-reinforced to prevent fraying. CGEAR also adds heavy-duty D-rings to keep the mat staked to the ground during heavy winds. They are easy to set up and remove.

For more convenience, CGEAR provides four mat sizes. The small one accommodates three people; the medium size is great for six people, while the large and extra-large tents are perfect for 10-14 people. The additional sizes and sturdy construction make the CGEAR sand free mat perfect for a sand free relaxing day while camping, RVing, and backpacking too.

Best Compact Beach Blanket- Wildhorn Outfitters Beach Blanket

Wildhorn outfitters sand escape beach blanket. Compact outdoor beach mat made from strong parachute nylon. Large 7' x 9' size. Includes built in sand anchors & zippered valuables pocket

WildHorn Outfitters proves that an oversized beach blanket doesn’t have to be heavy and bulky. When unfolded, this 63 square-foot blanket can accommodate a family of five. And when folded, the blanket measures an impressive 6 x 7 inches making it easy to carry. 

The blanket is outfitted with handy compression straps that make it easy to roll, pack, and store. It also has built-in sand pockets that anchor the blanket securely to the ground preventing it from flying away on windy beach days. Fill the four corner sand pockets– or sand anchor pockets– with sand to keep it weighed down to the ground. The sand pockets also double up as additional pockets for storing beach items. 

On to the blanket’s main use — its waterproofing capability. You’ll love the parachute nylon material used to make this blanket. It’s strong, lightweight, and 100% waterproof, keeping your family and belongings dry.

However, it’s not meant to absorb sweat or water as a regular beach towel or beach blanket would. And although the lightweight parachute nylon material is excellent for waterproofing, it doesn’t provide adequate cushion for the body. You may need to spread a towel on the blanket to keep your body comfortable when lying down. 

Best Affordable Beach Blanket- Camco Handy Mat

Camco handy mat with strap, perfect for picnics, beaches, rv and outings, weather-proof resistant (blue/green - 60

If you’re not ready to splurge on a beach blanket, check out the Camco Handy Mat. It has a durable construction and waterproofing capability as regular weather-resistant beach blankets, albeit its price. Camco uses a polypropylene fabric that is strong, water-resistant, and UV-stabilized lasting for years.

The Camco Handy Mat edges hardly fray after years of use. The mat looks small, but it can accommodate up to four people. It also packs to an incredibly compact size, and the handle, hook, and loop flap make it easy to carry. It measures 60 x 78 inches when unfolded, perfect for a family with two kids, and folds to 10 x 15 inches.

Although the Camco Handy Mat fabric has waterproofing capability, it doesn’t provide a comfortable surface to lie down. It creates an unusual pattern on the skin when you sit for too long. Throw a couple of beach towels down to sit on for the most comfort. Also, it doesn’t have anchor points to keep the blanket secure when it’s windy. However, it is a waterproof blanket and creates a sturdy base camp for your day at the beach– windy days and hot sand won’t be an issue with this beach mat. It also makes for a great picnic blanket.

It is not a machine washable mat, though. This is the type of beach mat that you would brush all the sand off when you’re done using it.

Best for Washability- Joyradise Beach Blanket

Reversible outdoor picnic blanket and beach blanket waterproof sandproof, extra large, easy to clean n carry, can be used as beach mat picnic mat stadium blanket or dog blanket, machine washable

Most waterproof beach blankets are made from thin fabric that lacks the much-needed cushion, but not the Joyradise beach blanket. It’s a comfortable beach blanket that’s equipped with padding that cushions the body when lying down. It also has a water-resistant backing and inner lining that’s easy to wipe off dirt and stains.

The blanket isn’t as large as other blankets, but it can accommodate four to five people. The blanket’s measurements are 55″ x 70″. What’s more, it packs into a lightweight, zippered tote bag that makes it easy to carry. And with the strap, you can quickly throw it on your shoulders to keep your hands free to carry your beach chair and other gear.

The plaid material with floral patterns makes it attractive, but it also means it needs to be washed frequently. Luckily the blanket can fit in a washing machine, and the stains come off quickly, leaving it squeaky clean. You can hang it in the sun or use the machine’s gentle cycle to dry it.

Best Waterproof & Breathable Beach Blanket- Scuddles Extra Large Outdoor Blanket 

Scuddles extra large picnic & outdoor blanket dual layers for outdoor water-resistant handy mat tote spring summer blue and white striped great for the beach

The blanket isn’t just attractive but functional. It’s made with three layers– it features a special PEVA backing that keeps you dry and is easy to wipe off the sand so you have a sand free blanket. The top section has a dual layer of woven acrylic fabric and another layer of foam that creates a cushioning effect.

The multi-layer feels more comfortable on bumpy surfaces than the regular single-layers used on most beach blankets. The blanket comes in a range of sizes, with the standard 60 x 60’’ blanket accommodating an entire family (four adults, kids, and a pet) to an extra large beach blanket coming in at 60″ x 79″.

The blanket packs to a compact size, and with its handy strap, you can carry it over the shoulder. The only downside is that the fabric gets dirty quickly, and if using a washing machine, you can only use the gentle cycle. Also, you must hang it to dry. 

A plus side to the Scuddles blanket is that it comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. If anything goes wrong with this high-quality blanket, your product will be replaced. The quality and design make this the perfect Christmas gift.

Best for Solo Beach Trips- JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket 

Jj cole outdoor blanket, 5'x'5, stone arbor

Solo beach trips may be just what you need to relax your body and having a reliable beach blanket makes the experience even more breathtaking. Thanks to its miniature size and waterproofing capability, this outdoor blanket is a great pick for outdoor solo trips because when enjoying the outdoors alone, portability– especially or those beach tables, coolers or other gear– is critical.

The blanket measures a mere 60 x 60 inches when opened and has a handy smart-fold design for easy storage. It also has a durable and waterproof construction thanks to the polyester fabric reinforced with PVC coating. The material also makes it easy to wipe the blanket clean, so you don’t have to worry about bits of sand or grass sticking to the blanket. It does have some padding to it so you don’t feel like you’re sitting directly on the ground.

Best Oversized Beach Blanket- WELLAX Beach Blanket 

Wellax beach blanket waterproof sandproof for adults, extra large beach mat sand free waterproof, lightweight oversized sand free beach blanket for camping, travel, picnic, hiking

Finding a blanket that’s 100% waterproof and holds up well in any environment is a bonus for outdoor enthusiasts. The WELLAX Beach Blanket is an excellent example. It’s made from a rip-stop parachute nylon fabric which is durable, breathable, sand proof, and waterproof. The term “blanket” does make you think of a warm, thick fabric– it’s important to note that this is a thinner material meant to keep sand and water from interfering with your day.

The Wellax blanket material also has an anti-heat feature that makes this blanket perfect for the beach, picnics, hiking, camping, and RVing. If you’re worried about the edges coming off, you shouldn’t be. The blanket is well-stitched to avoid fraying after years of use.

It’s a huge blanket (118 x 108 inches), accommodating up to eight people, and the blanket folds compact (4 x 8 inches) for easy carriage. It also comes with a sack that makes it easy to store it packs small enough to toss into your beach bag.

Unlike other blankets that only have sand pockets, it comes with four metal stakes to push into the sand or dirt to keep the blanket from flying away. As a bonus, the blanket comes with a waterproof phone case. The case is made from plastic, and it hardly interferes with your phone’s functions. 

Best Lightweight Blanket- Portable and Outdoor Beach Mat

513jvitpdbl. Sl500

You don’t have to worry about getting wet or dirty with this blanket. The backing is made from a thin, polyester fabric that’s water and dirt-resistant. The mat is long-lasting too. Portable uses a thermal composite process to treat the backing, enhancing its durability and making it tear-resistant.

The sturdy and waterproof backing makes this blanket an excellent picnic, RVing, camping, and swimming pool mat. The top layer features a three-layer design made from soft, synthetic fleece that creates an incredibly comfortable surface to sit or lie down. It doesn’t have much padding but the design cushions your body against hard surfaces.

The only downside is the fabric can get a little warm on hot summer days, making it uncomfortable for people who want to sunbathe on the blanket. Its overall size is pretty standard, accommodating up to four adults, and once folded, it packs compact to a size of 6 x12 inches. It comes with a brown, faux-leather strap to keep the blanket rolled up when you need to carry it to and from your car so.

Best Beach Blanket for Softness- ONIVA Picnic Blanket 

Oniva - a picnic time brand outdoor picnic blanket tote xl, carnaby street

ONIVA is one of the oldest US brands known for making the best outdoor items like camping chairs, food totes, beach essentials, and more. This water resistant blanket is one of its many creations, and it showcases the company’s dexterity in its construction.

The Oniva picnic blanket features a soft, fleece layer on the topside, which is incredibly comfortable, and a waterproof backing that keeps you and your beach items dry. The blanket also offers a generous space for you and three of your friends to bask in the sun.

It packs pretty small, folding up to 18 x 11 inches, and with the handy shoulder strap, it’s easy to carry to and fro– a plus for when you have to wheel your cooler to the car. It also has a zippered section to store keys and phones on the part of the blanket that is exposed with it’s rolled up. However, the elastic band designed to keep it rolled up comes off easily, which can get a little tacky when carrying other beach items.

Best for Big Families- URBANECO OUTDOORS Beach Blanket

Urbaneco outdoors lightweight beach blanket - oversized 107

Wondering if there’s a waterproof blanket for your family? Check out the URBANECO OUTDOORS Beach Blanket. The oversized blanket has a length of 107 inches and a width of 77 inches, perfect for a family of six to eight people.

Don’t let the price fool you; the blanket is waterproof, too. The backing is made from 100% polyester, which keeps the blanket and your belongings dry and sand-free. The edges are double-anchored with four sand pockets and up to six yellow plastic stakes to keep the blanket staked to the ground when it’s extremely breezy. It is made of a lightweight, quick dry nylon fabric perfect for any beach day.

The feature also makes this blanket perfect for families with young kids who are likely to pull, walk, and roll over it. The blanket remains staked down firmly. The single-layer construction can make the blanket a little uncomfortable, but you can throw a quilt and cushions for extra padding.

Buying Guide

Waterproof beach blankets come in different sizes, designs, and materials but finding the right one doesn’t have to be challenging. The following factors are significant when choosing the blanket that’s right for your trip to the shore. 


This is the defining factor of a waterproof beach blanket. Typically, waterproof blankets are made from a lightweight, nylon material that repels water– this usually makes them sand free beach blankets as well. As such, when the blanket comes into contact with water, it beads and flows off the fabric, leaving the blanket dry. The waterproof material is also durable and easy to pack; it fits in a small pouch. However, if a thicker, softer material is what you’re looking for, understand that some of the blankets with a fabric top may not repel sand as easily as the nylon.


The primary reason for buying a waterproof beach blanket is to enhance comfort while relaxing on the sand– and to keep that annoying sand off of you. Besides having a comfortable material, look at other features like additional padding, anchors, and side pockets as they help you relax better.

The padding cushions your body from the sand surface, while anchors keep the blanket tied up to the ground, so you don’t have to run after it when it’s windy.

Size and Shape

How many people are you bringing to the beach? An extra-large blanket is an excellent pick for the whole family, but a small or medium-sized blanket is better if going to the beach alone. The blankets also come in different shapes, including square, round, and rectangle.

Round blankets are the best for one person, but square and rectangular blankets provide a larger surface area if going to the beach with friends or family.

Other Features

Besides critical features like the fabric, size, and comfort, consider looking for other qualities that make storage, transportation, and use easier. For example, if a compact blanket is what you’re looking for, a beach blanket equipped with compression straps is easy to roll and store. Check if it has pockets too for storing valuables like keys. Washability may be a concern for you as well so be sure to check the manufacturer guidelines about how to clean up dirt, sand or spills. The best beach blankets are those that fit the bill in all features that are important to you.

Wrap Up

Picking a waterproof beach blanket that fits your needs– and your next beach vacation– doesn’t have to be difficult. Hopefully, this guide has helped you narrow eliminate some time spent browsing the internet so you can make that beach blanket purchase and start packing for that trip!

Are you looking for more items to make your beach experience better? Browse our website for more helpful guides.


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