The 8 Best Beach Blankets for Two

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Beach blankets come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. But for some people, sharing their beach blanket with at least one other person is the most crucial factor when shopping for the best beach blanket.

Whether you want to set up a romantic beach picnic with your significant other or need to have enough room to play games with your kids, all of the blankets in this article can fit at least two people. 

For two people, the best beach blankets are oversized, comfortable, and water and sand resistant.

We believe the AISPARKY beach blanket is the best overall because you can get many of the features of the more expensive beach blankets for two but at a remarkably affordable price. 

Read on to uncover more information about the best beach blankets for two so that you can select the most appropriate one for you and your specific needs. 

The 8 Best Beach Blankets for Two Quick Overview

1. AISPARKY Beach Blanket – Best Overall 

Aisparky beach blanket 78

The AISPARKY beach blanket is the best beach blanket for two, given its premium nylon fabric that is lightweight, durable, breathable, and water repellent. 

It’s not fully sand-free, and sand pooling on top of the blanket is a common issue. However, it’s sand proof beach blanket in as much that the sand will not stick to the blanket, but instead will shake off quite easily. 

This type of design is suitable for a beach blanket, especially one with a relatively lower price. Plus, at 78″ by 81″, it’s a sizable beach blanket for just two people, so you’ll have plenty of room to spread out. 

In addition, the AISPARKY beach blanket includes four yellow plastic stakes to keep the blanket grounded on windy days. It also comes with a carrying bag with a carabiner to strap on to your backpack for greater convenience and portability.  

Finally, this is a multifunctional beach blanket that people can use for the beach and sporting events, picnics, barbecues, camping, and more.


  • Lightweight and durable premium nylon fabric 
  • Sand proof — easy to shake sand off
  • Affordable price
  • Four anchor stakes for windproofing
  • Carrying bag and carabiner included 
  • Multifunctional use


  • Not quite as sand-proof as users might expect
  • Can be difficult to get the beach blanket back in the bag

2. Roebury Beach Blanket Sand Proof & Outdoor Picnic Blanket – Best for Portability  

Roebury beach blanket sand proof & outdoor picnic blanket - water resistant, large mat for camping or travel. Washable, foldable, easy carry compact tote bag (stripes pink/yellow/blue)

The Roebury beach blanket is a high-quality, washing machine-friendly blanket that is free of phthalates and BPA, so it’s safe for young kids to lie and play on. 

Plus, this lightweight beach blanket has a smooth, soft, and comfortable and quilted texture that users of any age will appreciate, especially for a relaxing day at the beach. The blanket’s design gives it an insulated feature so it will help keep you off the hot sand while giving you plenty of space to spread out your favorite beach-day belongings, find shade under your beach umbrella or keep the moisture from soaking up through the grass if using as a picnic blanket.

The Roebury sand free beach blanket also emphasizes portability, convenience, and travel as it comes with a tote bag that you can zip up to protect the blanket in transit. 

Additionally, the tote has a pocket and shoulder carry strap, making it all the more user-friendly. 

Because it’s so easily portable, you can take this blanket to many different locations, including and beyond the beach, from concerts, stadiums, outdoor events, festivals, and more. 

One potential downside of this beach blanket is that although it is sand-proof and will keep the annoying sand away, it is not as waterproof as some of its competitors. Additionally, it may feel too thin for some people’s preferences and the handle strap is not as durable as it could be. 


  • Includes zippered tote bag with a pocket and shoulder carry strap
  • BPA- and phthalates-free
  • Sandproof 
  • Smooth and soft texture
  • Multifunctional


  • Not very waterproof
  • It may feel too thin for some users 

3. Therm-a-Rest Argo Outdoor Blanket – Best for Coziness

Therm-a-rest argo 2-person outdoor, camping, picnic, and beach blanket, green print

If you’re looking for the best blanket for relaxing with inside as well as outside, look no further than the Therm-a-Rest blanket.

The Argo blanket shell and lining are both high-quality polyester. Heavy and warm, the interior and exterior of this blanket make a perfect napping spot for two. If your beach day becomes chilly, you could use the draw cord around the bottom of the blanket to tighten the blanket around you.

The blanket is made of a quilted lightweight parachute nylon material and easy pack-up process hides an extremely cozy experience for any outdoor environment.

The style options are a little limited, however. You have the choice between a standard green print and a beautified wolf illustration.

You can use this blanket for a variety of reasons outside of using it only as a great beach blanket– It’s a fantastic compact blanket that you can use for hiking, camping, as a picnic blanket, for outdoor parties, and more. Pair it with a travel or beach pillow and you’re all set for the perfect vacation nap!


  • Easily packable 
  • Water-resistant
  • Stakes and rope loop for windproofing 
  • Eight different style options
  • Extremely warm 
  • Machine washable


  • Accessories suited more for camping 
  • More expensive than other beach blankets

4. Rumpl Puffy Travel Blanket – Best for Durability 

Rumpl the original puffy | printed outdoor camping blanket for traveling, picnics, beach trips, concerts | black, 2-person

If you plan on using your beach blanket almost every day and want something that is built to last– even use while camping– then you might opt for the Rumpl Puffy Travel Blanket. 

This everywhere blanket’s polyester material is ripstop, exceptionally durable, and should be able to last for years and years. The fiber fill and wave stitching pattern make it a good beach blanket that will keep you sand free while on the beach and warm if using it while camping. If staking it to the ground, the blanket has four corner loops to keep it from moving when the wind blows.

The insulating lining is a 3D siliconized hollow fiber. Its entire construction makes for a water resistant blanket and also repels stains and odors no matter where you take it. Additionally, this heavy-duty blanket is equipped with a cape clip to allow for hands-free transport and wear. How neat is that?!

When you’re ready to pack it in, you can roll the blanket up and tuck it into its own carry bag. The blanket rolled up won’t fit into your beach bag, like most beach blankets, though. Instead, it packs into more of a sleeping bag style pouch, however it is lightweight so transporting shouldn’t be difficult.


  • Easy to clean in the washing machine
  • 100% recycled materials
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Easy to pack and transport
  • Water repellent and odor resistant


  • Higher priced

5. LIVN LIFE Outdoor Picnic Blankets – Best for Style and Design Options 

Livn life outdoor waterproof picnic blankets extra large. Sandproof & waterproof blanket for beach, park, camping, festivals or travel. Large picnic blanket but portable and foldable (black/orange)

The LIVN LIFE outdoor picnic blanket is one of the best beach blankets for a couple who want to stand out and look great while lounging at the beach but also want portability and a waterproof outdoor blanket.

There is a wide range of pattern options for this product, including orange, black, purple, and red primary colors in a Southwestern theme. The expressive pattern lets anyone rest in style at the beach. Perhaps you don’t care about standing out or looking good, but you simply want an artistic beach blanket that matches your personality or mood.

It’s also the perfect beach blanket for people planning on taking beach photos or who would like to post fun pictures of the vacation to friends and family on social media. 

Additionally, LIVN LIFE uses a bonded dual-side design that makes it a waterproof and sand free blanket. One layer is polyester and the other layer is plastic so it’s guaranteed waterproof. Because of this design, you cannot throw it into the washing machine. Instead, the manufacturer suggests hosing it down and air drying if it becomes dirty.

This blanket can easily fit two people while leaving ample space. The blanket folds up and Velcroes closed. There’s a handle at the top which makes it easy to carry to and from your beach location.


  • Beautiful and unique patterns in four stylish colors
  • Ample space for two people
  • Two-layer bond with waterproof backing
  • Extremely easy to clean, regardless of the side 
  • Sand- and water-resistant
  • Foldable design makes transport a breeze 


  • Not machine washable

6. Authentic Hand Woven Serape Blanket – Best for Softness 

Authentic mexican blanket - park blanket, handwoven serape blanket, perfect as beach blanket, picnic blanket, outdoor blanket, yoga blanket, camping blanket, car blanket, woven blanket (coral)

This thick and traditional Mexican-style woven blanket offers unparalleled softness for multiple people. In fact, we think this blanket is so fantastic that it has made its way onto other “best blanket” lists on our site.

It has a hand-made design with considerable durability for an affordable price. 

The blanket combines standards of visual style and a thick warm material. With a great focus on warmth and softness, this Mexican beach blanket will keep you warm on a chilly night at the shore or give you something soft to lay on over your tanning beach chair. The whole family will love this blanket and it’s affordable enough to buy more than one.

The blanket is twin-sized dimensions make it a snug pairing with another person, but might not be suitable for comfortable lounging for all couples.

The best part about this beach blanket is that not only is it machine washable but it gets softer and softer each time you wash it. We’ve found the best results for softness when you add just a touch of fabric softener to the rinse cycle and dry it in the dryer. We haven’t noticed too much shrinking but if that’s a concern, you could always hang the blanket to dry.


  • Vibrant colors
  • Easy to fold, carry, and transport
  • Washable
  • Affordable considering the size and thickness


  • Not waterproof

7. VICSOME Extra Large Picnic Blanket – Best for Versatility 

Extra large picnic blanket, vicsome 77''x79'' dual layers sandproof waterproof oversized for 6-8 people beach blanket, foldable machine washable mat for camping hiking park music festivals and travel

Vicsome made a unique waterproof and sand free beach blanket that will make the perfect addition to your beach gear collection. The blanket is made of a high-quality Oxford fabric on the top and a waterproof backing that will keep you dry on grass and sand free at the beach. It’s not often you find a water resistant beach blanket that can easily be wiped clean when the kids spill their juice!

For size, this spacious and foldable sand proof beach blanket works for up to two lounging people, or four people sitting down. It could work for the entire family but it’s affordable enough to grab an extra so everyone can be comfortable. It comes in colors like sunshine yellow, strawberry red, pineapple pattern, brown, and deep blue.

A nice bonus is that the manufacturer covers the blanket by a one-year product warranty. The service team at VICSOME is willing to work with any problem as long as it’s promptly reported.

Most beach blankets come with a bag, but this simply folds up into a rectangle and a handle flips down over the blanket and locks it closed with Velcro. There’s a handle attached to the top of the closing flap so carrying the blanket is similar to the way you’d carry a beach tote or a beach chair with a handle. What’s nice about this is you don’t have to worry about losing a separate carry bag. 


  • Ample space for the relatively low cost of the blanket
  • Lightweight and easily portable, especially for its size
  • More colors and sizes are advertised on the way
  • Wipeable, waterproof layer on one side 
  • Integrated portable handle
  • One-year warranty


  • Not compatible with any dryer 

8. Sunlit Boho Sand Proof Beach Blanket – Best for Large Size

41heffasc6l. Sl500

If by “best beach blankets for two” you mean “largest beach blanket I can find that’s still easy to carry around for two,” then you’ll appreciate the WELLAX beach blanket, designed for as much space as possible– it’s definitely a huge beach blanket!

This lightweight beach blanket comes with a durable mesh bag for easy take-down and transport. It’s water-resistant and offers simple tools to keep it anchored at the beach. Instead of messing around with easy-to-lose yellow plastic stakes, you can simply fill four sand anchor pockets at the corners using sand to hold it down on windy beach trip.


  • Budget price
  • Large beach blanket
  • Eye-catching visual flair
  • Water-resistant 
  • Lightweight parachute nylon
  • Ingenious corner sand pockets design


  • More course material than advertised
  • Best paired with smaller blankets or pillows
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Beach Blanket Buying Guide

Here are the three main categories to consider when deciding between on a sand free beach blanket that fits two people.


Obviously, if you’re shopping for beach blankets for two, they have to be able to comfortably fit at least two people. 

However, it may just be that you’re looking for more than a one-person space to lay out your beach towel, picnic items or play beach games. Or perhaps you want to be able to use this blanket for two-party picnic dates or outdoor concerts.


There is a lot that the material of the blanket can provide to help make your beach lounging experience comfortable, dry and warm.

These material-based features include key highlights like being water resistant, sand resistant, hot sand proof, tear resistant, and feeling comfortable to the touch. More than likely, you’ll want to stay dry and sand free at the beach but not everyone will be concerned with its washability or design options.

Extra Features

There are extra perks, some would call inclusions, but they may make a difference for different specific use cases. 

For example, if you would like to carry your blanket hands-free by attaching it to a backpack, purchasing a blanket that includes a bag and carabiner clip is crucial. 

Most of the time, the beach is windy so may want to prioritize selecting a blanket that includes stakes to help keep your blanket in place. Sand pockets are helpful if you’d prefer to not worry about keeping track of the six yellow plastic stakes that come with most beach blankets.


If you’re not looking that closely, all beach blankets might seem exactly the same. 

But size, material, styles, and different inclusions and features can make all the difference, depending on how and why you want to use your beach blanket. 

We believe the AISPARKY beach blanket is a beach blanket best for most users, but we hope this article helps you choose between the right blanket that is perfect for your next road trip or family vacation to the shore.

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