The Lightweight Beach Chair to Carry to the Beach

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If you’re planning a beach trip soon, you may be in the market for a high-quality, lightweight beach chair. When your hands are full of your other beach gear, a lightweight chair can make a world of difference in your day at the ocean.

I checked out 8 lightweight beach chairs and found KingCamp Low-Sling Beach Chair to be the best beach chair overall given its various features, multifaceted portability, and lightweight yet durable design.

I’ve looked through dozens of lightweight beach chairs and know there are several different factors that buyers should consider before making their purchase.

Aspects such as chair weight, comfort, style, portability, and storage play a significant role in whether a particular beach chair is the right one for your needs and preferences. Keep reading to see which one will be the best choice for you. 

Best Lightweight Beach Chair Quick Overview

1. KingCamp Low-Sling Beach Chair – Best Overall 

Kingcamp mesh high back low seat beach chairs, foding portable lightweight beach chair for adults with full back, cup holder, carry bag and padded armrest for sand camping lawn concert travel festival

The KingCamp low-sling beach chair weighs in at just 7 pounds and is made with a 100% polyester fabric and a durable steel frame for ultimate comfort while maintaining a lightweight design. It’s the best folding beach chair for trekking to and from the beach without a struggle. Its low gravity beach chair style keeps you off the ground but still comfortable enough to relax and read a book.

The design also includes a high back for optimal back and head support, and it comes with a small headrest pillow attached as well. All you have to do is stuff the head pillow sack with the carrying bag to get additional head support. 

Additionally, the armrest is wrapped in foam for even more comfort, and the back of the chair consists of breathable mesh, which keeps people feeling cool on hot days. The beach chair has a pocket, a cup holder, and an included carry bag. It folds down into a compact chair designed to take up little space in your car trunk.

The frame supports up to 300 pounds, which is 50 pounds higher than many of its competitors.  

2. RIO 4-Position Folding Beach Chair – Best for Backpack Straps 

Rio beach 4-position backpack lace-up suspension folding beach chair, light blue

The RIO folding beach chair is a well-made, durable, all-weather-proof beach chair that’s easy to carry thanks to the backpack straps on the back of the chair. Since the beach is… well… a damp and salty place… most beach chairs have the problem of becoming rusty. Fortunately, the RIO beach chair is equipped with a rust-proof aluminum frame. 

The chair’s back has a lace-up suspension design that is flexible enough for all-day support and comfortable seating. The chair reclines in a few positions and it also comes with an adjustable pillow so you can totally enjoy the rays. However, you cannot comfortably lay flat like some beach chairs have the ability to do. A nice bonus is that there’s a pocket on the back of the chair that’s useful for stashing your items and keeping them dry, safe, and protected from the sand and surf. 

When you’re ready to pack it up for the day, the RIO beach chair folds down easily and safely, with 4-way pinch-free adjustments. 

The main con to the RIO beach chair is that it is a little heavier than many of its competitors, at 8 pounds, which may be a bit bulkier and heavier than what you’d prefer. Plus, this heavier weight does not hold as much weight as other chairs – up to 240 pounds—as opposed to 250 to 300. Regardless, the RIO beach chair is still a great choice for a lightweight beach chair. It may even fall into the category of best backpack chair in the lightweight category if we broke our list down further.

3. iClimb Ultralight Beach Chair – Best for Ultra-Lightweight Design and Versatility   

Iclimb ultralight compact camping folding beach chair with anti-sinking large feet and back support webbing (black - basic)

The iClimb Ultralight Beach Chair is an excellent option for those who want the lightest beach chair possible while still ensuring durability and stability. 

This beach chair has a sturdy aluminum frame and an ergonomic design that provides enough lower back support while keeping the measurements as small and the weight as light as possible coming in at just 2.1 pounds.

The four corners of the seat are reinforced with bartack sewing, which may ease any concerns about falling through your chair. Also, the iClimb chair has larger feet pads so sinking into the sand, grass or mud is less likely. Many beach chairs tend to sink down if the ground is soft but you won’t have that issue with this chair.

The chair’s fabric is made of a breathable mesh back to provide a cooling effect and prevent sweating. The iClimb beach chairs have a weight capacity of 264 pounds and make the perfect portable seat for your beach day.

Ultimately, the iClimb beach chair is one of the best lightweight beach chairs, but it is also perfect for you if you’re looking for a chair to use in almost any outdoor environment. It assembles and breaks down easily and is a breeze to pop into its carrying bag.

Given its small size and high portability, it is very versatile, so you can use it while camping, hiking, backpacking, road tripping, attending an outdoor concert, and more.  

A nice bonus is that if you have a product concern for any reason, iClimb provides a lifetime warranty to make sure you are happy with your purchase. 

4. GCI Outdoor Waterside SunShade Beach Chair – Best for Sun Shade

Gci outdoor waterside sunshade captain's chair beach chair & outdoor camping chair with canopy

The best feature of the GCI beach chair is the built-in UPF 50 sun canopy that provides your very own sun protection! Sun canopies on beach chairs can sometimes be difficult to find and they are worth it when you’re looking for extra sun protection.

This standout feature is fantastic for people who tend to overheat, burn easily, or just prefer shade while hanging out at the shore. Although it doesn’t have a pocket to store items it does have a mesh cup holder attached to the right arm. The cup holder isn’t an insulated cup holder, but it works just fine when you want to enjoy a frosty drink straight from your beach cooler. 

It provides a broad backrest suitable for wider backs and taller individuals, and has hard, stable armrests for comfortable seating. Getting in and out of this beach chair doesn’t prove to be an issue due to its durable design. When packing for a day at the beach, this beach chair is easy to set up, break down and to carry when you fold it up and put it in its carrying bag. 

At 9 pounds, this beach chair is on the higher end in terms of weight compared to the other beach chairs we have on this list. However, it still makes it to our list for best beach chairs in the lightweight division!

5. MacSports 2-in-1 Outdoor Beach Cart + Folding Lounge Chair – Best for Beach Gear 

Mac sports beach day foldable chaise lounge chair with integrated wagon pull cart combination and heavy wheels - perfect for beach, backyard, pool or picnic

Although the MacSports 2-in-1 is the heaviest of the chairs on this list, I included it because it has a good reason for being 20.9 pounds… it also functions as a beach gear cart.

This versatile design allows you to carry all of your beach items around, making it super simple to walk from your car or move to another spot on the beach without carrying your items and your beach chair separately. 

In the wagon design, you can conveniently tow around your towels, coolers, toys, sporting goods– even your small dog! Then, when you get to your favorite beach spot, you can take your items out and convert the wagon into a comfortable, reclining beach chair complete with a built-in beach pillow.

It may sound cumbersome to wheel around a cart on the sandy beach, but this item has wide tread wheels that provide smoother transport on the sand than simple, smaller wheels would. Harder sand will be easier to roll the cart on than dry, fluffy sand but regardless, this beach chair will make it easier to enjoy your beach vacation.

Plus, it is easy to store and pack in the car since it folds flat.

If you would greatly benefit from the cart wagon feature, this may be the best beach chair choice for you. It will definitely be lighter than lugging both a beach cart and a beach chair separately. 

Given that it is essentially two items in one, this chair is a bit more expensive than most other lightweight beach chairs. 

6. Tommy Bahama 5-Position Beach Chair – Best for Seating Options

Tommy bahama 5-position classic lay flat folding backpack beach chair, blue and green stripe, 23

Many chairs have four reclining positions of seating to choose from, which is excellent for many people. But the Tommy Bahama beach chair takes it one step further. It has five seating options, including the ability to lay completely flat. 

This is great for people who like to sit up and enjoy the view but also lay completely flat so they can get a more even suntan or take a nap in the fresh ocean breeze.

The Tommy Bahama reclining beach chair comes with tons of extra features, too. On the back of the chair, you’ll find an insulated cooler pocket and a towel bar to hang your beach towel on. If you don’t need the insulated cooler to make sure your food and drinks stay ice cold, you could use the storage pouch to hold your phone, sunscreen or small accessories. At the right arm rest, there’s a zippered accessory pouch near the insulated cup holder to store even more small-sized items like your car keys. 

Plus, this beach chair is equipped with safe-adjust technology for repositioning the chair without the risk of pinching your fingers– something most beach chairs don’t guarantee. 

As if those features weren’t enough, this chair has backpack straps, making it an easy-to-carry backpack beach chair, too. The best beach chairs are those that don’t make you feel sorry you have to lug it to and from the shore. Even still, the chair only comes in at 7.5 pounds.

7. Coleman Utopia Breeze Beach Chair – Best for Low Profile 

Coleman camping chair | lightweight utopia breeze beach chair | outdoor chair with low profile

Some beachgoers like chairs that sink into the sand for a feeling of deep support, and if this is your thing, you’ll like the Coleman Camping Chair Lightweight / Utopia Breeze Beach Chair. 

This 5.3 pound beach chair sinks into the sand as well as provides relaxed back support. It is also quite simple to assemble and fold, and it is well-made so that you can use it year after year. Coleman has made this a great low gravity beach chair perfect for anyone on any beach day. This chair doesn’t really have any features– it’s a basic beach chair– but it does have a cup holder.

The main downside to this beach chair is that the steel frame may rust if not cleaned occasionally, and if it does indeed rust, it may make the chair difficult to fold. 

8. Nice C Low Beach Chair – Best Basic Lightweight Beach Chair 

Nice c low beach camping folding chair, ultralight backpacking chair with cup holder & carry bag compact & heavy duty outdoor, camping, bbq, beach, travel, picnic, festival (1 pack of orange)

If you need a basic beach chair or folding chair for your beach trips, the Nice C Low Beach Chair is the way to go. It’s lightweight at 6.2 pounds, folds easily, keeps you off the ground and you can sling it on your back when on the go. 

Also, if sinking into the sand does not sound appealing to you, you will prefer a beach chair with anti-sinking feet like this one. This chair has wide feet that take up a large surface area which is great for stability. It also has industrial-grade materials for long-lasting durability. 

Plus, it includes breathable mesh fabric, which provides that optimal airflow for cooling purposes.  

Nice C claims this chair can support 300 pounds, but people who weigh around 200 pounds and above may not feel comfortable with this chair and may prefer an option that’s a bit sturdier

Lightweight Best Beach Chairs Buying Guide

Here are a few specific factors to consider before purchasing your lightweight beach chair. 


If you’re looking for a lightweight beach chair, then how much it weighs is clearly an important factor. At the lightest weight, you can find chairs at as little as 2 pounds. But most lightweight beach chairs will be around 5-9 pounds. 

Weight Support

How much weight the chair can support is also a crucial factor, especially if you are a taller or heavier-set person. You’ll want to be able to sit comfortably in your chair without worrying whether it might collapse. 

Extra Chair Features 

There are certain features that may or may not be important to you, depending on how you plan on using your beach chair. The best beach chairs are not only lightweight, but tout the extra bells and whistles to make your trip to the ocean a little less stressful.

For example, if you like bringing or ordering nice cold drinks while you sit on the beach, a beach chair with a cup holder or built in coolers will benefit you.

You may also like having a towel bar to dry out your towel or pockets for conveniently holding small items such as your phone, keys, and wallet. Pockets also help protect items from heat, sand, and water. A zippered storage pocket is nice, too. 


Weight is not the only factor to consider when thinking about how portable your beach chair would be. 

Factors like carrying bags, backpack straps, how easily it folds down, and the shape it takes once it’s folded down all play a role in how portable it is and how it might fit into your lifestyle. 


Many factors can make a lightweight beach chair more or less comfortable. 

Aspects such as lumbar back support, a mesh back, armrests and built-in pillows can make your beach chair that much more comfortable to sit in for longer periods. 

People might also prefer to sink into the sand for sturdier support or sit on top for a less “stuck” feeling.

Some people like beach chairs that are high so they can feel more supported, while others like beach chairs that are low to the ground so they can stretch their legs out easier. 


As you can see, there are a plethora of factors that can go into which beach chair is appropriate for your preferences and lifestyle. 

You may want pockets, a flat-fold, a pillow rest, anti-sinking feet, a cup holder, and more.

I believe the best lightweight beach chair overall is the KingCamp Low-Sling Beach Chair because it has many of the highly-popular features. Still, there may be another chair on this list more suitable for your specific needs and preferences. 


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