Beach Blankets With Weighted Corners

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If you enjoy your outdoor adventures at the beach or camping and more, a strong and secure outdoor blanket that won’t blow away in the wind is sure to become one of those “what did we ever do without it?” types of items. 

As a must-have accessory to expand your beach vacations, sporting events, concerts or picnics, choose a beach blanket with weighted corners so all you have to worry about is enjoying your down time.

I researched and reviewed eight of the best beach blankets with weighted corners and the best overall option is the Wekapo Beach Blanket.

I looked at a number of factors in determining the best-of-the-best in this particular style of beach blanket, such as stability, durability, comfort, portability, and attractiveness. If another unique feature stood out, I made sure to add extra points.

I found Wekapo’s generous size, look, and portability to be extra appealing. It has four corner sand anchor pockets to weigh it down, so it stays comfortably lightweight until you’re ready to park your beach-going crew in just the right place. 

You can fill each corner with sand or pebbles, so the lounging surface stays flat for a sand free relaxing day. The handy compact (10-inch x 9-inch) version unfolds to reveal a 9-foot x 10-foot surface, offering a huge expanse for large groups or families and all of your beach accessories. There are stakes included, too, should you choose to anchor it that way instead.

Keep reading for helpful guidance on blanket features, benefits, and suggested uses.

Whether you’re looking for something stylish, comfortable, or waterproof, there’s an excellent beach blanket out there for everyone. Check out the options listed below to decide which one you think will work best for you.

Best Beach Blankets with Weighted Corners Quick Overview

Wekapo Beach Blanket – Best Overall

Wekapo beach blanket sandproof, beach mat, big & compact sand free mat quick drying, lightweight & durable with 6 stakes & 4 corner pockets, standard (1~3 person)

The Wekapo blanket’s unassuming compact case tends to surprise you the first time it’s opened and unfolded. It’s huge at 121 inches x 111 inches. There is plenty of smooth space to spread out all those picnic supplies, sunscreen, books, and friends. It’s also triple-stitched for added durability.

Wekapo’s modern design includes a large stripe in the middle, with two tones in varying blues, grays, greens, or purples. Of course, this blanket is fully waterproof and effectively sand resistant. The lightweight, breathable nylon fabric is machine washable and dries ultra-fast. When it comes to a sand proof blanket, you really don’t need to look much further.

Pop ‘N Go Beach Blanket – Best for Compact Comfort

Pop 'n go beach blanket - 7 x 7 foot waterproof, outdoor picnic blankets with weighted corners, sand & ground stakes, travel bag - vacation essentials - whimsical waves

Measuring at seven feet by seven feet, the Pop ‘N Go Beach Blanket is a pleasant size for couples, a few small children, or a parent-child duo. You may opt for more than one of these blankets for larger groups.

It’s made with sturdy bamboo and is weighted in six evenly-spaced places along the edge. It also includes stakes and a handy carrying case. Whimsical patterns available are rainbows, triangles, or waves.

WoneNice Beach Blanket– Best for 4 or More People

Wonenice beach blanket sandproof , extra large 10' x 9' waterproof sand free beach mat for 2-8 adults, lightweight & durable and quick-dry, with 6 corner pockets 4 stakes (purple/dark green)

If you’re heading to the beach with the whole family and want to create a base camp while there for the day, this large beach blanket will do the job well. Measuring at 9-ft x 10-ft, this blanket creates the perfect ground cover for all of your family, friends and gear and will keep you off the hot sand.

Stake your umbrella nearby, set up your beach chair and you’ll be set to relax. Made of a quick dry nylon fabric, sand will be easy to wipe off if the kiddos track it onto the blanket and you won’t have to deal with sand sticking to your legs. The best part is that it has six fillable corner sand pockets to keep it weighted down so it won’t blow away in a windy day. If packing the pockets with sand isn’t your thing or not an option (such as if you take it camping), this sand proof blanket comes with stakes as well. Speaking of camping, this is the blanket that would make a truly multifunctional camping accessory as it could be used on the ground to stay off the wet grass or even be used for a sun cover or shelter if strung over a line.

As for color options, sometimes, it’s nice to know your kids or pals will have no trouble finding you among the masses of other beachgoers on an extra-packed beach. The rich jewel tones—including lime green, bright purple, and vibrant cobalt blue—in WoneNice’s beach blankets are certain to catch the eye and steer them right toward you.

Sunlit Silky Soft Sand Proof Beach Blanket– Best Sand Free Beach Blanket Option

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If you’re annoyed with a build-up of annoying sand on your beach blanket, this option may be a welcome relief. The blanket material repels sand (makes it easy to wipe off) and water since its made from a water resistant parachute nylon– therefore, a sand free beach blanket.

There are no plastic or metal stakes with the blanket– you simply fill the four corner sand pockets with sand (or smooth beach rocks) to keep it from blowing away. After that, lay your beach towel down, open your cooler and you’re all set!

The fabric is amazingly soft to the touch and unfolds into a 6-foot x 7-foot surface or you can size up to the larger 8-foot x 6-foot size, fitting about four average adults– or more– comfortably. It’s machine washable and folds to a compact 12 inches x 7 inches for convenient traveling to concerts and other outings. However, you can also stuff the blanket right into its storage bag and then toss it into your beach bag when you’re ready to hike back to the car. Having a compact blanket makes life easier.

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Roebury Beach Blanket– Best for a Quilted Surface for Naps

Roebury beach blanket sand proof & outdoor picnic blanket - water resistant, large mat for camping or travel. Washable, foldable, easy carry compact tote bag (green/blue plaid)

Sun, wind, conversation, and activity can wear you out. Rejuvenate with a fresh-air outdoor nap on a cushioned, comfy surface. The Roebury Beach Blanket has a soft, quilted surface that feels and looks inviting, with solid colors on one side and classic stripes, checks, or plaid on the other. The bottom side of the blanket keeps moisture away with a waterproof backing so napping on the beach or the grass shouldn’t be an issue. The blanket is light but heavy enough where it should stay put. There are no sand pockets at the corners or the option to use stakes.

It’s 70 inches x 55 inches so it can fit a small family or a couple of grownups. An inner layer makes it water-resistant, and it folds to fit a 2-foot x 3-foot tote with an attached handle . This one’s not as compact as some of the other blankets on our list, but if cushioning is your thing, it may be your go-to. If the blanket gets dirty, which will happen to your beach or picnic blanket, you can toss it in the washing machine so you’re ready for your next adventure.

Likorlove Beach Blanket– Best for Multi Use

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Likorlove offers an uncommon camouflage-toned blanket (olive green, black, or blue) that’s constructed with durable, waterproof nylon and corner pockets that you can fill with sand or smooth rocks to weigh it down. It also comes with ground stakes as an option to keep it from blowing away. It’s wind-, water- and sand-resistant, so it makes the perfect waterproof outdoor blanket or cover that can be toted along to the beach, on a picnic or concert or on camping or hiking trips, especially if rain is in the forecast.

The size is 60 inches x 80 inches, so a few people can fit nicely.

The color blending into the scenery is nice when you’re camping or seeking to “become one with nature” near the lake or trips to the ocean. You’ll keep a low profile in natural settings so bird watching and relaxing without disruption is a real breeze.

Lantoo Extra Soft Beach Blanket– Best for Babies or Sensitive Skin

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Lantoo’s brightly colored 79-inch x 79-inch beach blanket is big enough to fit the entire family and is softer than most other beach blankets, so you won’t worry about delicate baby skin if the little ones play and rest on its surface. In fact, washing it just seems to make it feel even softer every time. Staying off the wet sand or wet ground is possible with this blanket.

This layered cotton and nylon blanket folds up to 15 inches by 12.5 inches, so it makes a convenient blanket to take to the park, beach, playground, and backyard. It’s also BPA- and phthalate-free and stitched for strength using a technique called ultrasonic wireless sewing.

Wellax Beach Blanket– Best for Lightweight Travel

Wellax beach blanket waterproof sandproof for adults, extra large beach mat sand free waterproof, lightweight oversized sand free beach blanket for camping, travel, picnic, hiking

When your packing weight or space must be kept to the bare minimum, the Wellax blanket will fit the bill. It’s made of a parachute-nylon material keeps it uber streamlined and lightweight. Its 10-foot x 10-foot size folds up into a compact and convenient 4″ x 8″ and it weighs just 16 ounces.

The strong, sand-resistant fabric dries extra fast. There are four pockets at the corners to help you stabilize it with sand, pebbles, or rocks. It may be nice to keep one in your suitcase or hiking pack permanently, as it doesn’t take up much room and would prove a handy item in many outdoor activities or events.

Weighted Corners Beach Blanket Buying Guide

Windy days and active beachgoers can make sunny days at the beach a challenge when you’re trying to keep your blanket neatly spread in your favorite spot. Before the idea of weighted corners took hold, many people tried placing coolers and bags on the edges to hold down the fabric; however, this proves awkward and inconvenient.

Thankfully, a shrewd nature lover—who also happened to be fed up with blowing, bunched-up blankets—created this helpful, dynamically weighted surface. I’ll be forever grateful, and a lot less gritty, for years to come.

When looking for an ideal beach blanket with weighted corners, it’s all about comfort, convenience, and design. Consider your most valued features, like sand resistance, compact sizing, cushioning comfort, silky feel, extra-durability, stylish looks, or ample real estate for big groups.

Whichever features are most important to your unique beach and outdoor adventure goals, there are many appealing choices in the weighted beach blanket marketplace. 

Dimensions + Shape

While you want a blanket that is adaptable for various needs and settings, think about the scenarios you’ll most often experience:

  • Do you have a large family that takes frequent road trips or beach outings? 
  • Are most of your adventures a “couple thing” where you only need a small-but-sturdy ground covering at concerts and picnics?
  • Is your crew an active and rowdy bunch that requires a blanket with exceptional construction?

Consider, too, how much gear you bring on your beach and camping trips. How much “stuff” do you like to have around you as you relax on a blanket? Take into account how many square feet you’ll need for comfort. It’s wise to add a couple more square feet than you think you’ll require.

The majority of beach blankets are crafted in a square or rectangular shape. Your preference may be based on how large your group is and how members plan to situation themselves and their belongings. Families with very young children often choose a large square design so they can keep everyone at close reach.


Weighted beach blankets are available in a large array of fabrics and unique materials, including PVC mesh, water-resistant polyester, nylon, fleece, cotton, and microfiber. Functionality and comfort are top priorities for most users.

Think about whether you need waterproof, sand-free qualities as a top choice or if you’d rather go for a more cushioned, satiny top layer for those with sensitive skin. 

There may be a blanket for you that meets a happy medium. Several of the marketplace’s most popular versions feature both rugged benefits as well as soft fabrics layers on top for comfort.

Use + Washability

If your kids or fellow beachgoers are always playing frisbee, plunking down for a sandwich or grilling on the beach, and simply always on the go, they likely just need a basic protective surface that can handle friction and action long-term. Grab a strong, durable beach blanket with double- or triple-stitching, especially at the weight pockets.

Those super-tough fabrics generally do well with repeated washings. Enjoy that sturdy base for years of fun adventures.

For beach blankets with cottony layers, you’ll want to know it can withstand plenty of washings, as well, and that its underlayer is tough enough to handle friction even if there’s not a lot of foot traffic on most outings.

One excellent feature in any blanket is an added pocket or pockets to secure special items if you step away for a bit, play in the water, or take a walk. Many people appreciate having a covert pouch where they can store car keys or other valuables out of sight.


We all like to be surrounded by colors and designs that resonate with our own personal style. Thankfully, weighted beach blanket manufacturers take this into account, providing a colorful variety for every personality.

If you like traditional, classic designs, there are elegant choices in navy blue plaid, solid aqua, dark checks, and more. However, if it’s going to be a particularly sunny and hot day, remember that dark colors absorb the heat.

When the beach is your happy place, you may want to express the joy with an uber-vibrant spectrum striped blanket sure to catch everyone’s eyes and make them smile.

Flower and nature lovers enjoy some of the glorious mandala designs and leaf patterns available on several beach blankets with weighted corners. It fits their flower-child style.

Young children appreciate many of the charming patterns with geometric shapes, friendly rainbows, trendy emoji faces, and more. They feel extra special when you let them choose a design all on their own.

Find a style that fits your personality; there’s sure to be one that just feels perfect.


Overall, your choice of a weighted beach blanket should take into account your own personal needs and preferences. With all things being equal, my top choice is the Wekapo Beach Blanket.

This expansive, well-constructed, easy-to-transport blanket comes in a lovely variety of colors and is a breeze to maintain. It stays in good shape through several washings, foldings, and heavy (very sandy) foot traffic. The cool fabric feels comfortable on the skin, and the weighted pockets keep the surface firmly in place through lots of rambunctious action.

Be sure to ask your family members or beach-going friends what their favorite features are in a blanket. Make a list of these features in order of importance before you shop. Ask them which brands or products they prefer, what benefits they treasure, and even the features to avoid, such as certain types of materials. Once you’ve decided on the best option for you, all that’s left is to add it to your shopping cart and wait for it to arrive in time for your trip to the shore!

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