Mexican Beach Blanket

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Mexican beach blankets are great for picnics, camping, and other outdoor events. Also known as the saltillos, zarapes, or serape blankets, or Baja blankets, these blankets make the best beach blankets.

Authentic Mexican blankets were once crafted from handwoven wool on a traditional wooden loom. Still, with the rise of the Industrial Revolution, machine-woven serape has become the norm.

Most Mexican blankets use different materials, including cotton and synthetic acrylic.

This article takes a deep dive into the world of Mexican beach blankets and includes a buying guide to help you get the best product for your needs. 

Let’s dive in! 

Best Mexican Beach Blanket Quick Overview

Benevolence Blanket – Best Overall

Authentic mexican blanket - picnic blanket, handwoven serape blanket, perfect as beach blanket, picnic blanket, outdoor blanket, yoga blanket, camping blanket, car blanket, woven blanket (sand)

The Benevolence LA blanket is handmade, crafted in Tlaxcala, Mexico, by maestros using wooden loom equipment. It’s a highly functional blanket made from 100% recyclable materials, and you can choose from over ten bright colors.

The blanket is a blend of California design and Mexican craftsmanship. It doesn’t look like it, but it’s a durable material that’s soft and snuggly. The blanket is acrylic and holds up well without absorbing cold or heat and is the perfect blanket for that chilly night walking along the shore.

It’s an excellent item to have outdoors and in, and you can use it as a picnic blanket, a camping blanket, a car blanket or as a seat cover for a vehicle or blanket for your pet. It’s also affordable with vivid, exciting colors that make you want to buy more!

However, there are complaints that this Mexican beach blanket quickly sheds. While that may be true, it’s an exception and not the rule. I’ve found that putting the blanket in the washing machine with a touch of fabric softener stops the shedding and makes the blanket softer with each wash. The blanket is for people who want to spend time in nature or interior decoration to elevate their home’s aesthetics. 

It’s not as loosely knit as the competition and is a fantastic must-have for yoga practice. It’s a reasonably large blanket that easily fits a couch or could be a twin bed cover as it fits a twin bed size mattress. It is far more beautiful than you’d expect in pictures.


  • Beautiful vibrant colors
  • Multiple applications
  • 100% recyclable material
  • Affordable


  • Sheds easily
  • Slightly thin

WP West Path Blanket – Best for Wool

Wool mexican blanket - southwest print geometric design- handwoven vintage wall tapestry / throw blanket from mexico / beach blanket / mexican picnic blanket, thick yoga blanket (black & grey stripes)

This Mexican traditional blanket is 100% wool and 100% made in Mexico. It’s a thick, fluffy, heavy blanket you can use as a tapestry indoors or as a camping blanket outdoors. The weave is intricate and meticulous, and the colors are simply stunning. It’s a premium Mexican blanket that is reminiscent of old Mexico.

This high quality Mexican blanket looks resplendent in the home. It’s a nice touch to find the crossword puzzle and small gift that ships with this blanket and would make a beautiful authentic handmade artisan gift. This Mexican blanket is incredibly soft and works great for a cozy home throw and will be your go to blanket for the perfect home decor. Imagine wrapping yourself in this warm wool blanket when relaxing in the cool air after a day at the beach.

It’s a vast blanket that can fit multiple people on the beach or under a campfire. The WP Mexican blanket is approximately 80″ by 50″ with every inch handmade. That said, the price is the only issue with this blanket costing more than four times the competition. 

However, this isn’t a surprise considering the premium material. If you want high-quality, beautiful authentic Mexican blankets, this is the one to choose.


  • 100% wool
  • Handcrafted
  • Made in Mexico
  • Comes with gift


  • Expensive

Open Roads Goods Thunderbird – Best for Outdoors

Aqua blue yoga blanket -- thick mexican thunderbird blanket -- handmade and made for yoga!

The price is slightly higher than many in this list, but it’s also thicker than most too! The blanket is helpful for yoga practitioners and consists of a blend of synthetic materials and natural fiber. It’s an authentic Mexican blanket but with a denser weave than many on the market. This blanket is best for outdoors but when using on the beach, you may find it is not a sand free beach blanket.

The size is around 78″ by 52″ with cotton, acrylic, and polyester blend. This Thunderbird blanket uses a specialized weave to etch the Thunderbird logo on the product. The handmade feature of this blanket makes it unique, with minor variations that make each blanket one of a kind. It’s great for yoga practice or for relaxing on the beach.

Thunderbird blankets are machine washable and gets softer with a continuous wash! The adorable colors make it a perfect gift for family, friends, and loved ones.

It’s also perfect as a doggy blanket and is super warm for winter. However, there are complaints about Thunderbird blankets shedding, so it’s recommended you wash separately from other laundry.


  • Large and comfy
  • Exceptional for outdoor and indoor use
  • Eye-catching colors


  • Shredded material gets into clothes

El Molcajete Serape – Best for Indoors

El molcajete brand traditional mexican yoga blanket serape blue

This Mexican Beach Blanket is a product of Tlaxcala, Mexico. It’s made from recyclable fiber, including polyester and acrylic, and goes through an extensive shredding process to refine the material. 

The blanket is suitable for yoga sessions and can serve as a comfy dog blanket. Interestingly, you can use this blanket to make colorful bedspreads or throw pillows to give your home that Navajo feel. This blanket is best for yoga on the beach and will stay sand free if you place it on another mat. If you are looking for a sand free beach blanket for yoga on the beach, there are other options you may want to consider. 

Each El Mocajeto serape has a unique design, and color and picture may vary slightly from the actual product.

That said, the blankets are amazingly soft and machine washable. Unlike other costly products, this Mexican beach blanket is cheap, and you can purchase more than a couple for various indoor and outdoor applications. 


  • Authentic Mexican blanket
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Vibrant colors


  • Material fades easily

Del Mex – Most Colorful

Del mex mexican serape blanket (large, black)

This blanket is an exceptional example of a typical Mexican beach blanket with colors and an intricate woven design. It’s a giant blanket measuring 78″ by 48″ with no two blankets looking precisely the same.

While it’s primarily an item for the beach and as a camping blanket or as an outdoor blanket, the Del Mex also works well for parties and fiesta-themed occasions. The blanket also comes in smaller sizes if you prefer something handier or as a throw.

It’s machine washable and lightweight. The Del Mex isn’t the softest on this list, but it’s not scratchy or rough, only slightly coarse to the touch. And unlike other Mexican blankets, this product doesn’t shed.

You can use it as upholstery for your living space because it’s sturdy and holds up exceptionally well. There are complaints the sizing is a tad shorter than ordered, and while that may be true, it’s only off by a few inches.

It’s also on the pricey side compared to other products. Still, it’s a fantastic buy for people who’d like to brighten up their vehicle interior with a colorful Mexican blanket.


  • Durable and thick
  • Super vivid colors
  • Exceptional for a wraparound
  • keeps users warm
  • Excellent for upholstery


  • Can fade after multiple washes

Benevolence LA Mission – Most Versatile

Premium mexican blanket, authentic handwoven falsa blanket & outdoor blanket | made by traditional mexican artisans | perfect camping blanket, beach blanket, picnic blanket & car blanket (sombra)

This premium beach blanket is another product from Benevolence. It’s ideal as a picnic blanket, outdoor concerts, camping and makes the perfect yoga blanket. The blanket comes in various bold colors, and Aztec prints are excellent for infusing style to your home. 

Of course, it’s 100% handwoven made from a hypoallergenic material that is machine washable. However, you’d need to set the machine on a delicate cycle and use cold water to wash. That said, this beach blanket measures 50″ by 75″ and may not be large enough for some.

It’s also gratifying to find each blanket purchase helps to fund a water mission– the proceeds go to providing clean, drinkable water in Africa. It’s a suitable blanket for morning stretches and light workouts to get your blood pumping. There are complaints that it isn’t as durable but it’s still fantastic for the price. 


  • Excellent for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Beautiful patterns
  • Affordable


  • Not as large as the competition

Yoga Accessories – Best With Tassels 

Yogaaccessories traditional mexican yoga blanket ( burgundy)

This traditional Mexican blanket works as a yoga mat for meditation and wellness sessions. It’s an excellent outdoor blanket– you can use the blanket on the beach, scenic picnics, and campfire activities outdoors. It’s colorful enough for a fancy throw, adding a splash of color to your living space. 

The blanket has a loose weave to provide extra support and comfort during workout sessions. You’ll find most yoga studios keep Mexican blankets nearby and use them for Yin yoga as a yoga bolster and for yogis and yoginis to use for extra support during a regular yoga session. This blanket can go through a machine wash and comes in various colors and patterns. At 74″ by 52″, the blanket is large enough to cover your entire body and weighs just 2.4lb. 

It’s made from 10% cotton, 40% polyester, and 50% acrylic, making it sturdy for extended use. That said, it’s not as thick as some of the competition, and you’d need to roll it up a few times to serve as cushion support.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Multiple color variations
  • For indoor and outdoor use


  • Material is thin

El Paso Designs – Best Value

El paso designs mexican yoga blanket | colorful falsa serape | park blanket, yoga towel, picnic, beach blanket, patio blanket, soft woven saddle blanket, boho home décor (cool mint & gray)

El Paso Designs is 100% acrylic with a grayish-black hue. It’s handmade with authentic Mexican handwoven material with each tassel hand-tied for the most authentic and premium Mexican beach blanket. Not only is this blanket soft, but it’s also easily affordable and comes in the most captivating colors. 

It isn’t the most oversized blanket out there, but at 51″ by 74″, it’s large enough for single-person use. The material is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable with a blend of biodegradable fibers. 

El Paso Designs is an excellent choice for a yoga blanket and works well for wellness and meditation. The blanket can function as a beach blanket, on picnics, camping or as a throw blanket in your home. It’s also a thoughtful gift for loved ones, and there’s no denying the comfort it provides. 

Mexican artisans entirely weave it in Mexico, and while it isn’t as soft as sherpa, it doesn’t itch at all! The price is affordable, and you can purchase several for your yoga studio or home.

Additionally, the blankets hold well and prevent knee injuries during yoga. It also makes for a good dog blanket that doesn’t generate static which isn’t suitable for pets. It’s easily washable in cold water and gets even softer with each wash. It’s not as premium as some competitors but still hard to ignore price-wise.


  • Affordable
  • It comes in various colors
  • Multipurpose use
  • 100% handwoven
  • Recyclable materials


  • Tassels easily come loose
  • Shedding gets on clothes

Best Mexican Beach Blanket Buying Guide

It’s one thing to make up your mind to buy a Mexican beach blanket. And quite another thing entirely to buy the blanket because there are hundreds of products on the market. That said, you can improve your chances of getting an authentic Mexican beach blanket for your needs by relying on the following factors.


The best Mexican beach blankets and Mexican blanket throws are generally handwoven by local artisans in Mexico, but these blankets are often expensive. You can find a machine woven alternative for a fraction of the price and similar quality. 

Additionally, the taxes, shipping from Mexico, and other logistics factors the price. Another option is to buy these Mexican beach blankets “Made in the USA.” Still, there are arguments that these American-made Mexican beach blankets are even more expensive.


Mexican beach blankets use various materials in their production. Sometimes, it’s a single material, and other times, it’s a combination of materials. The more expensive products– such as a premium falsa serape blanket– use wool, making the blanket extra thick and soft. 

The cheaper versions use synthetic fabrics like polyester and acrylic. However, it isn’t uncommon to find these blankets with a combination of cotton, acrylic, and polyester. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a material that serves your purpose.


Mexican beach blankets are primarily for the beach, but do you know these blankets can serve other purposes? The vivid colors help to brighten home furniture. 

Thicker blankets can also upgrade your vehicle upholstery, while thinner blankets serve as window blinds. Whatever your intentions, ensure you purchase the best blankets for your needs. If you’re planning on relaxing in your lounge chair at the  beach and want to stay covered, you may want to opt for a thinner Mexican beach blanket.

Shape & Size

All the blankets on this list can comfortably take in two adults with leftover space for personal belongings and food items. However, you may require a Mexican beach blanket larger or smaller than on this list. 

Fiesta-themed parties often need additional real estate. However, these blankets are thick and will weigh more to transport. Some brands also manufacture smaller sizes suitable for use as a shawl, kiddies events, or throw pillows.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Many Mexican beach blankets clean easily. However, since the primary aim is to use the Mexican blankets on the beach sand or outdoors, some products are easier to maintain. 

Synthetic blankets are easier to clean and maintain than their woolen cousins. They can be tossed in the washing machine and either tumble dry in the dryer or hung outside. With each wash, they become super soft. However, the more expensive wool blankets need extra care. These blankets have a thicker weave and may not be machine washable. 


Another factor you should consider is the brand. Many renowned brands cost more than lesser-known competitors because of the proven quality, which is almost guaranteed. However, some of these “brands” reduce the product quality to make more profits. 

Lesser known brands often make better quality Mexican beach blankets because they have more to prove and are trying to break into the market. Regardless, they make for an excellent outdoor blanket or picnic blanket.

Customer Reviews

If you’re going to buy online, ensure you look through the review section to determine customer feedback. Don’t be too trusting of reviews with 100% positive feedback. The brand can doctor such assessments. 

However, reviews, where there are many negative comments, show the product isn’t satisfactory. It’s worth mentioning three or four negative reviews amongst hundreds of positive feedback means the product is exceptionally good. 


For the best Mexican beach blanket, we recommend the Benevolence blanket. This product is large enough to accommodate multiple people and is authentic manufactured in Mexico. The durable and robust material won’t rip or shed after extended use. 

You can happily use it on the beach or for your yoga sessions. That said, the other products on this list are the best in their categories and will provide you with excellent value.

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