Face Down Tanning Chair for the Beach: Top 8 Picks

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If you are the type of person whose favorite thing to do at the beach is simply relax and get a great tan, then you might be in the market for a face-down tanning chair for the beach.

Some people like to go to the beach to swim, while others like to take walks. Some like to play games like beach volleyball, while others enjoy water sports like snorkeling and paddle boarding. Then, of course, there are the sun worshippers. Whether you want to get a tan or not, there is nothing like sitting in the warm sand by the sea and enjoying some rays.

It’s often fine sunbathing on your towel or a regular lounge chair when you’re face-side-up, but getting a tan on your backside can be uncomfortable if you don’t have the right chair. 

With most beach chairs, your face often feels squished into the chair or the towel, and you may even end up with some sand in your mouth — which nobody likes. 

Keep reading to see which of these chairs are best suited for you so you can score that amazing summer tan on your beach vacation. 

Best Face Down Tanning Chair for the Beach Overview

1. Ostrich On Your Back Chair – Best Overall Beach Chair

Ostrich on your back chair

Weight: 10.56 lbs 

Weight Support: 325 lbs 

Material: Stainless steel 

Main Color: Blue, green, pink, red, teal, striped 

Carry Position: Backpack straps

Face Hole?: Yes

Ostrich named this chair “On Your Back” because of its convenient, hands-free backpack straps. However, this chair is comfortable to lay down on “on your back” too — as well as on your belly! Instead of being restricted to a chaise lounge, this beach chair gives you the best of both worlds– a chaise lounge and an upright seat!

This is the best face down tanning beach chair on the market. It’s very comfortable, and it has a pocket to store your phone and sunglasses while you relax in the sun. 

This chair gets five stars from me because it has everything you need for a great, relaxing time sunbathing on the beach. You get the face hole that makes it comfortable to lie face down– even if you wear glasses–  with tanning your backside and arm slots for resting your arms in that position without getting them overly sandy or armrests if you choose to sit upright.

You’ll also get a comfortable headrest while lying on your back. Plus, this lounge chair even comes with a cup holder to hold your cold, refreshing drink from your beach cooler on that hot summer day! 

This chair is built extra wide, suitable for an expansive range of body types and the weight capacity is 325 pounds. The only potential downside is that this chair sits only 9 inches from the ground. You can adjust it, however, depending on your individual preference. 

2. Ostrich (New Model) Facedown Backpack Chaise Lounge Chair – Best for Storing Small Items 

Ostrich - (new model) facedown backpack chaise lounge chair with large storage bag and side zipper pocket

Weight: 9.8 lbs 

Weight Support: 250 lbs 

Material: Polyester 

Main Color: Navy blue/white stripes 

Carry Position: Backpack 

Face Hole?: Yes

If you aren’t convinced that the Ostrich chair described above is the best face down tanning chair, then you might like this lounge chair by the same brand. 

It is slightly lighter, making it even more accessible and convenient to carry on your back. Plus, it comes with a large compartment bag, unique for this type of beach chair. 

Additionally, if you like having a convenient place to store small beach gear items like your phone, keys, wallet, or chapstick, or portable beach speaker while you sit in the chair, then you’ll appreciate that this bag comes with a small zipper pocket. 

However, unlike the Ostrich tanning chair model above, this chair does not have a cup holder and only has four seating positions instead of five. It also only has one color option– the blue and white stripes. 

Finally, the polyester material on this model is comfortable but might not be as breathable as the oxford fabric. 

3. GYMAX Beach Lounge Chair – Best for Comfort 

Gymax beach lounge chair, sunbathing chair patio lounge chair folding adjustable recliner with hole for face

Weight: 16 lbs 

Weight Support: 330 lbs 

Material: Textile, oxford 

Main Color: Blue

Carry Position: Hand straps

Face Hole?: Yes

The GYMAX beach lounge chair is another great chair option for achieving the perfect tan on your next beach day. It has five adjustable seating positions so that you can sit up when you want and gradually lean back as you choose. The fifth position lays you down completely flat, optimal for sun tanning on the beach. 

The fabric stands out on this tanning chair, as GYMAX made the chair with 600D oxford fabric, which is exceptionally breathable and comfortable. Plus, this chair has a durable steel frame that can withstand a heavy weight capacity — up to 330 pounds. 

Although it can handle a lot of weight, it does not weigh too much to carry along with you to the beach. It does have a hand carrying strap on the edge of the chair so that when the chair is folded, you can grab it and haul it back to the car for easy transport.

It weighs 16 pounds, so it’s not the most lightweight beach chair out there, but it is convenient enough if you’re driving to the beach and want to bring a tanning chair along with you. 

Finally, this chair is designed ergonomically, thus reducing muscle stress and tension. That is a significant benefit for a chair that you are purchasing to relax on! It comes with a detachable pillow which can act as an adjustable headrest. This may be a great beach chair option for older users as it has so many seating positions and is extremely comfortable.

The main concern with this chair is that the fabric will degrade if left outside when not in use. It’s best to keep the chair stored away in a cool, dark place– likely the garage or on a covered porch when you’re not out soaking up the rays.

4. Goplus Folding Lounge Chair – Best for Occasional Use  

Goplus folding lounge chair for beach poolside balcony patio, portable recliner w/tanning face down hole and pillow (1, beige)

Weight: 16 lbs 

Weight Support: 330 lbs 

Material: Textile, oxford 

Main Color: Beige

Carry Position: Hand straps

Face Hole?: Yes

The Goplus Folding Chair is a tanning chair similar to the GYMAX above in that it is 16 lbs, can support up to 330 lbs, and is made out of 600D breathable Oxford fabric in a neutral beige color.. 

It also has five seating adjustments and is easily foldable, with straps that you can use to carry the chair with one hand. 

Additionally, you can remove the detachable padded headrest pillow or keep it on for extra comfort and relaxation. The pillow actually comes apart in three pieces so you can adjust based on your comfort level. This chair is overall quite good for facedown tanning. 

However, the fabric might be a little thinner on this chair than its competitors, causing it to rip. It might be worth it to pay a little extra if you would like to use this chair on a more regular basis. The actual chair weight may be a tad heavier than the other chairs mentioned so if transporting this lounge chair on beach trips is part of your plan, its bulkiness may make or break the deal for you.

5. Goplus Sunbathing Lounge Chair – Best for Heavier Support

Goplus patio lounge chair, adjustable folding recliner w/tanning face down hole and pillows, sunbathing chair for beach (blue)

Weight: 13 lbs 

Weight Support: 331 lbs 

Material: Textile, oxford 

Main Color: Blue, beige 

Carry Position: Hand straps 

Face Hole?: Yes

This Goplus chaise lounge is similar to the chair above but is worth paying a little more if you would like a slightly bigger and longer chair. It’s a suitable beach chair for taller people or people who want to have extra room for themselves as well as any beach gear like their phone, towel or book. 

The aluminum and steel frame on this lounge chair has a sturdy and supporting holding capacity, with the ability to hold up to 331 pounds.

Additionally, the pillows on this lounge chair are super comfortable and ultra-soft, made from a high-density sponge material making it a great choice for enjoying the sun. It is not the least expensive face-down tanning chair for the beach or to lay by the pool, but many people feel it is worth the money. 

6. BLUMFELDT Amalfi Lounge Chair – Best for Head Shade

Blumfeldt amalfi, outdoor portable folding lounge chair, 5 reclining positions, sunshade, adjustable pillow, resistant polyester cover, beige

Weight: 14 lbs 

Weight Support: Unknown 

Material: Alloy steel 

Main Color: Beige 

Carry Position: Hand straps 

Face Hole?: No 

The BLUMFELDT Amalfi lounge chair does not have a face hole like many tanning chairs on this list but may win for the best comfort in a chaise. However, it has a unique feature that may be more important to you if you prefer to keep your face out of the sun as you tan — a sunshade! 

With five adjustable reclining positions, you have several seating options to choose from, including laying completely flat. The entire chair has a padded seat so you can reduce muscle tension and while enjoying the sun.

Plus, the chair is well-made, with weather-resistant fabric and a powder-coated metal frame that will not rust easily. When you’re done with the sun for the day, the chair folds down and has two handles to carry the chair your car. Easy storage is an option with the flat fold so you can slide it under other items in the garage.

The main downside of this chair is that it is significantly more expensive than its competitors but the comfort and structure make this the best choice for your trip.

7. HAPPYGRILL Chaise Lounge Chair – Best for Versatility

Happygrill chaise lounge adjustable recliner folding chaise chair for outdoor beach pool patio backyard

Weight: 14.5 lbs 

Weight Support: 265 lbs 

Material: Aluminum and steel frame 

Main Color: Beige, blue 

Carry Position: Hand straps 

Face Hole?: Yes

A versatile lounge chair with an ergonomic design, the HappyGrill chair is a great lightweight option with multiple reclining positions. The fabric offers ventilation, which is optimal for summer beach usage. You can also place cushions on this chair and the material is durable enough to use throughout the year. 

To withstand all types of summer beach weather, the poles and legs on the lounge chair are powder-coated to make them anti-rust and weather-proof, making it sturdy and durable for your trip to the shore.

8. WEJOY Adjustable Face Down Tanning Chair – Best for Shoulder Strap  

#wejoy adjustable face down tanning lounge chair, folding beach lounge chairs with face hole, portable lightweight reclining lay flat chair for outdoor pool, sun tanning, sunbathing, patio

Weight: 13.2 lbs

Weight Support: 265 lbs

Material: Alloy Steel 

Main Color: Light blue 

Carry Position: Shoulder strap

Face Hole?: Yes

The WEJOY face down chair is a classic face-down reclining beach chair perfect for tanning as it has the style and elements you’ll be looking for when both sitting and soaking in the most rays are your priorities.

This lounge chair for tanning features:

  • A face hole 
  • Armholes for reading
  • A removable pillow
  • The ability to lay completely flat 
  • Secure locking system on the legs

This lounger also includes side pockets for storing items and a shoulder strap for hands-free transport and could be just what you want in a chaise lounge to perfect your tan at the beach or for relaxing on the patio near the pool.

Tanning Chair Features & Buying Guide

We’ve outlined a few specific factors to consider before purchasing a face down tanning chair for the beach. Most of these points are related to buying an adjustable stand up sunbed because they are more versatile. This basically means you need to make sure the chair is suited for your height, weight and comfort level. Make sure you read our guide on how to pick the best face-down tanning beach chairs before making a purchase.


If you live directly on the beach, then lucky you! However, if you’re like most of us, you’ll likely have to fold up and carry your lounge chair to the beach. You might want to consider getting the lightest possible tanning chair you can find. Compact and lightweight designs are usually more expensive (and you might not get as many bells and whistles) but it’ll make carrying them easier.

Typically, the lightest will be about 10 pounds for these types of lounge chairs and go up to about 16 pounds. 

Weight Support

The weight support is another crucial factor because you want to ensure that the lounge chair can support your weight without the worry of falling through or wobbling. 

You want sturdy, durable support that will last as long as possible, so getting a chair with at least 250 pounds of weight support is essential, even if you don’t weigh that much yourself. 

Additional Features 

The most important use case for tanning chairs is — you guessed it — tanning! So the ability to lie down completely flat is essential for your chair, and the addition of a face hole might be vital for you as well for extra comfort and breathability. 

Many people also like to read or scroll through their phones while tanning their backsides, so having a face opening for those reasons is helpful as well. 

Additionally, if you would like to have a safe and secure place to keep small items like your phone, keys, snacks, or some cash, getting a tanning chair with a side pocket will be ideal for you. 

And if you like to tan your body while keeping your face out of the sun, getting a tanning chair with an adjustable face shade might make it the best beach chair for you.


The face hole feature is vital for how you’ll use the chair and how comfortable the chair will be when using it. In addition to face holes, other factors play a role in determining how comfortable your chair might be.

If you’re not used to lounging around on hard surfaces, you might want to consider getting a lounge chair with a cushion.  They aren’t too expensive and will make your relaxation experience more comfortable so long as they fit in your beach bag. Additionally, having a pillow is always nice when laying face down for extended periods of time and most of the chairs listed here come with adjustable pillows for total personalization.

Certain aspects can make your beach chair more comfortable to tan on for a longer time, such as:

  • Armrests 
  • Back support 
  • Built-in pillows
  • The type of fabric used 

When it comes to fabric choices, the 600D oxford, in particular, provides exceptional comfort and breathability for summertime temps.

Further, some people may prefer chairs that are lower to the ground, allowing them to more comfortably stretch their legs out in the sand, while others may prefer to recline higher up and avoid the sand altogether. 


Many factors can enhance the quality and appeal of a tanning chair for the beach, but the main ones include weight, portability, comfort, and whether it includes a face hole. After taking these factors into consideration, you should have no problem finding the best beach chair for tanning to fit your needs.

We hope our list will help you find your favorite face-down tanning chair so you can get ready for a sun-kissed summer!


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