Best Fishing Reel Oil & Grease: Extend the Life of Your Reels!

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If you’ve ever neglected to lubricate a fishing reel until you could literally feel the internal gears grinding – then you’ll know how important proper reel maintenance is. Forgetting to perform proper maintenance can lead to seized reels, corrosion, and a shorter lifespan for your precious reels.

Regularly applying fishing reel grease and oil will go a long way to extend the life of your fishing gear.

Just like with other gear involving complex moving parts – fishing reels will start to wear down without enough lubrication. Gears, drag washers, bearings, and sliding mechanisms all need regular lubrication to keep them working optimally.

The best fishing reel grease and oil is a bit of controversial topic among fishermen. Ask ten fishermen what the best lubrication is and you’ll probably get 10 different answers!

This post will break down the various reel oils, grease, lubrications, how to use them properly, and review some of the best options on the market.

Quick Answer: 6 Best Fishing Reel Oil and Grease

Why do you need fishing reel grease or oil

1 2022 08 best fishing reel oil and grease why you need

Simply put, good grease and oil will extend the life of your reels.

Anytime you’re using your reels around water – especially saltwater – the odds of corrosion and water damage increase. When saltwater dries, tiny minerals are left behind, which can accumulate and gradually wear out your gear.

Dirt and other small particles can also work their way into gears and bearings – causing wear and tear over time. A proper coating of lubricant will mitigate much of this damage. If you’re serious about extending the life of your reels, cleaning them regularly is also important.

You wouldn’t drive a car for years without taking it in for oil changes and maintenance, so don’t do the same with your fishing reels!

Best Fishing Reel Oil: Liberty Oil 100% Synthetic

Liberty oil, 4oz bottle of the best 100% synthetic oil for lubricating skate board and roller blade wheel bearings

This 100 percent synthetic oil is perfect for lubricating bearings, crank handles, and any moving parts inside your reels. It’s lightweight and fairly low viscosity, which makes it perfect for getting into hard to reach spots.

The 4-ounce bottle means you’ll have more than enough oil years of use, plus it has many alternate uses like lubing knives, firearms, tools, door hinges, clock repair, and other precision applications.

The included applicator is top quality, with a 1.5 inch long 18-gauge surgical steel needle tip allowing you to precisely apply oil into the tightest of spots. A patented Luer lock cap ensures the bottle won’t leak all over your fishing gear.

Because it’s 100 percent synthetic, it won’t gunk up or harden like other oils sometimes do. The oil contains two friction modifying substances that act to bond and protect metal parts from friction and wear. It also performs well in freezing temperatures.

Key Features

  • Synthetic, low-viscosity oil is great for getting into hard to reach spots
  • 4-ounce bottle means you’ll have enough oil for years
  • The included applicator is excellent for precise application
  • Perfect for lubricating knives, firearms, and other household tasks

Best Fishing Reel Grease: Penn Grease

Penn reel grease, 2 oz

This reel grease from Penn is the ideal solution for greasing gears, levers, and other moving parts inside your reels. It’s fairly viscous, which means it will stay put, and won’t need to be replaced very often. The grease is a bright blue color, which makes it easy to spot where grease has already been applied.

Penn designed this grease with superior lubricity, water stability, load-carrying capacity, and rust protection as compared to conventional greases. It will perform well over a wide variety of temperatures and environments, making it the perfect choice for both saltwater and subzero temperature fishing.

If you’re looking for a dependable reel grease that will keep your reels running like new, you’d be hard pressed to beat this stuff.

Key Features

  • Highly viscous reel grease will stay in place
  • Perfect for gears and any moving parts inside your reels
  • Excellent price

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Grease and Oil Combo Kit: Ardent Reel Butter Lubrication 3 Pack

Ardent reel butter lubrication 3 pack

This handy 3-pack from Ardent contains everything you could possibly need to get your reels humming like factory new. Included in the pack are three 1-oz bottles of reel butter oil, bearing lube and reel butter grease.

Reel butter oil is a fully synthetic, low-viscosity oil specially designed for use on fishing reels. It contains an anti-gumming agent which keeps it from hardening like other oils sometimes do. It’s designed to perform consistently under a wide range of temperatures.

Reel bearing lube is a 100% synthetic oil, specifically formulated for use on both saltwater and freshwater reel bearings. Due to its ultra-low viscosity, it will thoroughly work its way into all bearing components, keeping them running smoothly. It cleans bearings by flushing out dirt and debris accumulated over time.

Reel butter grease is a long-lasting, medium viscosity grease designed for lubricating and protecting gears and other internal mechanical components. It contains a rust inhibitor designed to significantly reduce the onset of corrosion. It also contains a UV tracer – so you can actually see where grease needs to be reapplied under a black light.

All three lubricants are designed to work in both saltwater and freshwater and come with easy-to-use applicators.

Key Features

  • Convenient 3-pack contains everything you need to lubricate all reel components
  • Good for both saltwater and freshwater use
  • Contains reel oil, bearing lube and reel grease

Best Reel Maintenance Kit: Abu Garcia Maintenance Kit

Abu garcia maintenance kit black, one size

If you’re looking for an all-in-one kit to service all types of fishing reels, then this is the kit for you. It includes a 10/11mm wrench, a Phillips/flat-head screwdriver, soft cloth, precision oil, precision grease, precision degreaser as well as a soft applicator brush. The entire kit comes packaged in a convenient soft zippered carrying case.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, then this kit is a no brainer. It contains everything you need to fully service both baitcasters and spinning reels. Rather than paying an expensive repair center to tune up your reels, you’ll be able to tune them up yourself for a fraction of the cost.

The hard shell case keeps the liquids inside well protected and secure. It also makes a great gift for any angler!

Key Features

  • All in one kit contains everything you need to service fishing reels
  • Kit contains wrench, screwdriver, cloth, oil, grease, degreaser and applicator brush
  • Excellent quality protective case
  • Perfect gift for anglers and do-it-yourselfers

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Lubricating Spray: Interflon Fin Spray

Interflon fin super (aerosol) 300 ml can - clean lube that penetrates, cleans, lubricates and protects

Drip-free, versatile, and incredibly long-lasting, this lubricating aerosol spray is ideal for use on both saltwater and freshwater fishing reels. It functions as both a lubricant and a protective coating, which protects delicate reel components from rust and corrosion.

The spray itself is transparent, non-staining, and odorless. It quickly dries to a solid film, leaving no sticky residue behind.

It’s good for much more than just fishing reels too. If you’re looking for an all-in-one spray that can handle firearms, frozen bearings, bicycle parts, rusted gears, or stuck hinges, then this is the spray for you.

Fin super is dielectric, which means that it can actually be sprayed directly onto electrical contacts. This means it works great for automotive and boat usage – acting to protect electrical systems from corrosive damage.

If you’re a fan of WD40, then this stuff will really blow your socks off. It can be used anywhere WD40 can be used, plus many places it can’t.

Key Features

  • Lubricates, protects, and cleans
  • Lasts up to 10 times longer than regular lubricants
  • Can be applied directly to electrical contacts
  • Transparent, quick-drying, and stainless

Also Consider: Daiwa Reel Oiler

Daiwa 64110100 reel oiler, one size

If you’re looking for a compact reel oil that can easily fit inside your pocket – the Daiwa reel oiler is a perfect choice. It’s about the size of a medium pen, and easily be slipped into your pants or vest pocket. The container is completely clear, allowing you to see exactly how much oil you have left before you need to replace it.

The applicator is a thin needle-like nozzle, which is perfect for getting into tight to reach spots. It allows you to precisely apply the amount of oil you need, without over-oiling.

The compact design makes this oiler ideal for adding to bug out bags, survival fishing kits, or anywhere you might need some emergency lubricating oil. Many people use the oiler for firearms, pocketknives, and other machinery.

Key Features

  • Compact, pen-shaped design makes this oil perfect for fishing kits
  • Long, thin needle applicator makes precise application possible
  • Perfect for lubricating reels, pocket knives, and firearms

How to pick the right fishing reel grease or oil

2 2022 08 best fishing reel oil and grease how to pick

As mentioned previously, the best fishing real lubrication is a bit of a controversial topic among anglers.

Everyone’s got their favorite grease/oil.

Some people even swear by Vaseline or WD40 (although these are fairly poor options compared to a dedicated fishing reel lubricant).

I’ll break down the differences between reel grease and reel oil, where and when to use each, and talk about some alternatives.

Fishing Reel Grease vs. Fishing Reel Oil

As a rule of thumb, reel grease is used for gears and parts that mesh together. Oil is used for parts that rub together in tight spaces, like crank handles, knobs, bearings, and sliding mechanisms.

The major difference between grease and oil is viscosity, which simply refers to the thickness of the fluid.

Reel grease is more viscous, which allows it to stay in place on moving parts like gears, which have a tendency to sling off lighter oil. This “stickiness” makes it cling to almost anything – including your hands and clothes!

Reel oil is light and has a similar viscosity to machine oil. Because it lacks “stickiness”, it has a tendency to migrate away from where it’s applied. This makes regular application of oil important. It’s not ideal for use on gears, as it can bind with metal-containing particles causing the teeth to gum up and wear down over time.

What to look for in fishing reel grease

Viscosity: Reel grease comes in a variety of different viscosities. Lighter grease is better for getting into hard to reach spots and will work its way into all components. Heavier grease is best for gears and needs to be replaced less often.

Corrosion Resistance: A key component to look for in reel grease is its corrosion resistance. This is especially important if you fish in saltwater environments. Saltwater is highly corrosive to reel components, and can easily destroy an unprotected reel. Generally, synthetics are best for preventing rust from developing.

Water Resistance: All grease will be fairly water resistant, but some will stay in place better than others.

Thermal Resistance: If you fish in cold environments, you’ll want to make sure your grease will stay liquefied even in sub-zero temperatures.

Color: This comes down to personal preference, but many anglers like to use brightly colored grease. This allows you to see where grease has already been applied. Common colors are bright blue, red and yellow. Some folks prefer to use clear grease because colored grease can get on your clothes/hands and stain.

What to look for in fishing reel oil

Applicator: A good applicator makes it easy to get oil into hard to reach places. You also don’t want one leaking all over your tackle box, so a good seal is a must.

TFE: Oils containing TFE are not ideal for use in fishing reels. They contain microscopic solids that can cause components to gunk up and jam.

Thermal Performance: Just like with grease, if you fish in cold temperatures, you’ll want to make sure your reel oil is compatible with subzero temperatures.

Alternative Reel Lubrication

While there are plenty of dedicated fishing reel lubricants, many anglers still swear by trusty old standbys like 3-in1 oil and other machine oils.

3-in-1 oil will work fairly well in a pinch, but it has several characteristics that make less than ideal for use in fishing reels. Firstly, it’s not completely synthetic, which means your reel can corrode or rust if exposed to saltwater. Secondly, it has a tendency to get “gummy” over time, which can jam up your reel.

If your reel really needs lubrication, don’t hesitate to use 3-in-1 or even motor oil – but whenever possible use something specifically formulated for fishing gear.

Some folks wonder if they can use WD40 in place of fishing reel lubricant – DON’T DO IT! WD-40 is a solvent rather than a lubricant, its intended usage is for rust prevention and degreasing. In fact, the WD actually stands for water displacement.

How to lubricate your reel

3 2022 08 best fishing reel oil and grease how to lubricate your reel

Lubricating your reel is a pretty straightforward process.

Simply remove the line spool by turning the drag knob counterclockwise until the spool comes loose. Then use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol (or specialized reel cleaning product) to wipe down all surfaces thoroughly until they’re cleaned of grime and old grease.

Once all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, apply one or two drops of oil to the line roller assembly, bearings, bail arm assembly, and handle. Try not to overdo it – a little goes a long way when it comes to reel oil.

To properly grease the gear, you may need to remove it from the reel housing. Take care when doing this – you want to make sure you replace it in the exact same position as before.

Clean the gears thoroughly with an alcohol swab, making sure to remove any old grease still on the gears.  Apply a small amount of reel grease to the gears and then spread it evenly over the gear surface.

Keep in mind that replacing the reel grease doesn’t need to be done very often. Due to its higher viscosity, it will stay put for much longer than oil. Also, just as with reel oil, a little will go a long way – too much grease will actually slow down your reel speed.

Lastly, make sure not to combine different types of grease. This can lead to adverse reactions such as corrosion or grease hardening.

How often to apply fishing reel grease /oil

4 2022 08 best fishing reel oil and grease how often to apply fishing reel grease oil

Regularly applying grease and oil will go a long way to extend the life of your fishing gear. The question is – how often?

Reel maintenance should be an ongoing process, not just an end-of-season thing. You’ll generally know it’s time to add lubrication when you can feel your reel acting a bit more sluggish than usual.

One way to check is by flicking the reel with your finger to test how smoothly it spins. It should rotate at least 8 to 10 times for a spinning reel, more for a baitcasting reel.

If you fish in saltwater, you’ll want to clean and oil your reels fairly often – particularly if they get soaked in water or spray. Give them a quick look inside every few sessions to make sure everything’s well lubricated.

If you only fish in freshwater, you don’t need to be quite as vigilant, but checking and cleaning your reels fairly often won’t hurt.

Oil will need to be applied more often than grease. Due to its lower viscosity, it has a tendency to migrate away from where it’s been applied. Grease will typically last for a long time, so unless you’re constantly soaking your reels in saltwater, you shouldn’t need to apply grease more than once per season.

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