What Is Heli Surfing?

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As an avid surfer, I get frustrated having to dodge beginners who don’t know how to line up or with the crowds at the most popular breaks. When I heard some surfing buddies talk about traveling the world and seeking out isolated wave breaks by helicopter, it got me wondering, “What is heli surfing?”

Heli surfing is one of the most extreme sports in the world where you can reach deserted reefs and have perfect peelers to yourself.

Heli Surfing Basics

Pilot flying a helicopter looking over the ocean reefs

Participating in heli surfing will make you feel like you’re in the movie Blue Crush. It’s a surfer’s paradise, involving a combination of the following:

  • Private land access
  • Beaches
  • World-class waves
  • Potential for added land activities

As you can imagine, heli surfing is a luxury sport. Heli surfing requires significant cash to hire a private helicopter and a local guide to help you explore the best waves in the area.

Who is Heli Surfing For?

Shot of a helicopter flying over an island

Heli surfing is for experienced surfers who enjoy adventure and a remote location. By using a helicopter to track down the best waves, you’ll search for remote beaches offering the cleanest barrels.

You might ride waves at the same place that other surfers can take a trip to by land. This depends on the heli surfing destination you choose around the world.

But, your knowledgeable pilot will know the nitty-gritty about the perfect time to leave. That way you can outrun the pesky crowds before they arrive at the coast.

Benefits of Heli Surfing

Silhouette of a person getting ready to surf

You’ll receive countless benefits by choosing heli surfing over traditional surfing. Examples include:

  • Having local knowledge to discover the perfect wave break
  • Access to multi-night adventures, including land-based activities
  • Testing different surfs to find your favorite
  • Surfing above deserted reefs
  • Flexible itinerary

Surfing and flying in a helicopter are both dependent on the weather. So you’ll need to practice some flexibility as your itinerary could change at the last minute depending on wave and flying conditions.

Where Can You Heli Surf?

View from a helicopter flying over the ocean

Now that you know the answer to “What is heli surfing?” you might be wondering where you can embark on a heli surfing adventure. Below are some popular spots that’ll expose you to the wave break you’ve dreamed about. Which gives you excellent bragging rights.

Four Seasons Resort Bali

The Four Seasons at Jimbaran Bay offers among the most luxurious ways to see one of the world’s most legendary breaks—the G-Land. Four Seasons will have you beat the crowds by arriving in 45 minutes. Instead of embarking on a three-hour boat ride and overnight at a surf camp like most people who do G-Land heli Indonesia. 

Auckland Heletranz Helicopters

It doesn’t take much advertising for surfers to become enticed by Auckland’s heli surfing packages. You can spend a morning seeking out whales and the best wave breaks. And your afternoons on true land, enjoying a picnic on a private beach. In the evening, kick back at a country pub stop. 

New Zealand Heli Surfing Tours

New Zealand is among the most popular trips for heli surfers to take. Given they’ll take you by chopper to the cleanest barrels. These are often multi-day excursions involving bungee jumping, black water rafting, and time to relax in private pieces of New Zealand land. It’s truly a luxurious getaway that’ll leave you boasting to your friends about your experience when you return home.

Costa Rica Pelorus Tour

If you love the thought of catching a wave all year round, Pelorus’ heli surfing tour will help you track down the cleanest waves and most secluded beaches. You’ll get to stop at different surfing spots in Costa Rica’s sea, including the Roca Bruja surf break, Playa Tamarindo, and Nosara on the Nicoya Peninsula.

Choosing the Best Point Break

Helicopter pilot's view over an island

If you’re tired of receiving spam about group surfing tours and instead want access to heart-thumping tubes without the crowds, heli surfing is ideal.

But, it’s crucial to understand that while many countries around the world offer excellent opportunities, your pilot might pull your original itinerary if the weather isn’t conducive.

It’s best to approach your heli surfing journey with an open mind as your final itinerary could change at the last minute.

Preparing for a Heli Surfing Experience

Surfer in a helicopter giving the shaka

It’s good to prepare for the heart-racing experience of flying over the ocean in a helicopter. Below are some pointers:

  • Decide if you want to bring your surfboard or rent one
  • Expect a bumpy ride on the helicopter if it’s windy
  • Understand what is and isn’t included with your package
  • Bring cash to tip your pilot

Heli surfing is no small expense, so don’t be afraid to ask questions either. You want to ensure you know what to expect and ensure it’s a package that best fits your interests. 

How Much Does Heli Surfing Cost?

Helicopter over an ocean break getting ready to drop off a surfer

The cost of a heli surfing tour varies greatly on the destination, length of the tour, and any other perks and activities you might include in your package.

For example, a six-hour heli surfing day trip in Alaska that includes 40 minutes of flying time costs $765 per person, plus tax. In contrast, You can book a three-day tour with the same company that includes two nights camping. The price for this package is $1,599 per person, plus tax.

But, if you’d like to book a private helicopter for a day to take you to the infamous G-Land from Jimbaran, you’re looking at spending around $10,000.

One other thing to consider is that on top of the heli surfing package cost itself, you also need to account for the money you’ll need to spend to arrive at the destination where you’ll start this experience.

Epic Surf Dreams Await You

View of the shore break from the sky

So, what is heli surfing? It’s an opportunity to ride gnarly freight trains year-round with your friends or on a solo trip. Traveling on a chopper means you’ll get to your destination ultra fast, allowing you access to remote surfing spots that you could have all to yourself.

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