How to Fix a Broken Fishing Rod

how to fix a broken fishing rod

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When was the last time you ended up breaking your fishing rod while angling?

We all are familiar with the snapping sound – a broken rod can mess up your day of fishing. Even though modern fishing rods and gear are robust, poor handling and a variety of other reasons can lead to their snapping.

A broken fishing rod doesn’t mean you need to replace it altogether. Fixing a broken fishing rod is a DIY project, so why not explore these steps on The Coastal Side and fix your rod instantly? 

In this post, we provide easy guidelines to fix broken fishing rods. Let’s get started!

How Do Fishing Rods Break?

Fishmen fixing broken fishing rod

Before we explain how to fix a broken fishing rod, let’s understand how you can end up breaking fishing rods. Here are a few ways fishing rods break:

  • Someone may step on your fishing rod accidentally while you keep it on the boat.
  • When you carry the rod, one of its ends might catch something. As you pull, it can snap!
  • Closing the tailgate or door of your car after loading your fishing gear can also result in your fishing rod breaking.

A standard fishing rod can cost you around $200. So, it’s normal to panic when you end up breaking it. Keep reading to find out how to quickly and easily fix a broken fishing rod. 

What Equipment Do You Need to Fix Fishing Rods?

To learn how to fix a broken fishing rod, you need a few simple tools:

  • A replacement tip for the rod
  • Super glue
  • Lighter
  • Forceps
  • Nail
  • Knife

How to Prepare the Replacement Tip of a Broken Fishing Rod

Old man fixing a fishing rod

When fixing your broken fishing rod, you have to prepare the replacement tip. If you’re still using the old tip, you need to prepare it before fixing your broken fishing rod

The base of the tube has to be heated for three to five seconds under a lighter. This will help the glue to loosen up inside. 

Make sure not to apply any direct heat to the tube. If it doesn’t pull off in one try, repeat the heating process.

If you have a new replacement tip for your rod, fit it over the rod to figure out the right size. Without using any glue, try to get a snug fit.

How to Fix a Broken Fishing Rod Using the Glue Method

You’ll need hot or super glue to fix a broken fishing rod using the glue method. If the tip of your fishing rod breaks off, you can use super glue to reattach it. In this case, you won’t need a replacement tip – you can use the original snapped tip.

Simply place the tip away from the rod blank. This tip should slide on the broken part of your fishing rod to make the new tip. 

After applying super glue, place the tip on the fishing rod. It should be lined up with fishing rod guides. 

Let the glue dry by holding the pieces in position. Once it dries, refrain from using the rod for the next day to let the adhesive solidify.

Replacement rod tips are also available. If you lose the broken tip, get a new one and repeat this process.

A broken tip often affects the rod further down as well. In this case, you need to cut off the first guide and come up with a new tip. With this approach, you would be compromising the rod’s length.

How to Fix a Broken Fishing Rod Using the Nailing Method

Using nails to fix your broken fishing pole is a practical and quick process. First, choose a nail that goes well with the rod blank. Use the nail’s body by eliminating its head. 

Hammer the nail into the broken fishing rod, choosing one of the sides. Then epoxy both sides of the rod by placing the nail in the desired place.

Determine the cracked area superficially and apply some epoxy externally to ensure extra reinforcement. Next, firmly wrap the area using sewing thread. This prevents further dislocation of the parts of your rod.

Hire a Professional to Fix Your Broken Fishing Rod

If you aren’t confident handling tools or find it challenging to fix a broken fishing rod, seek professional support. If the rod is relatively new – less than a year old – you may be able to get it covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

If the rod sustains damage under the third eye, you may approach the manufacturer for repair services. Most reputed brands offer this service. Of course, it will cost you, but you can rest assured they will fix the rod.

What to Do if You Have a Cracked Ferrule

A ferrule is the juncture of the rod pieces in your fishing rod. Various factors can lead to cracks at this juncture, such as someone stepping on it or excessive pressure.

You may find it challenging to repair a cracked ferrule. While small cracks can be more than a half inch, the larger ones may be beyond any scope of fixing. 

If you have a cracked ferrule, you can try cutting off the cracked area and removing the old coat of epoxy and thread wrap. Use a new piece of thread to rewrap this area and coat it with epoxy. This should serve as a lasting solution for minor cracks. 

Before carrying out any repair, consider whether or not it would be a reasonably lasting solution. If cracks are more significant, no repair will likely last long.


If you love fishing trips, you don’t want to deal with interruptions like broken fishing rods. Regardless of whether you’re into freshwater or saltwater fishing, this guide will teach you how to fix a broken fishing rod so you can enjoy your day on the water. 

On The Coastal Side, you can also find more helpful content on choosing the right fishing gear. With this knowledge, you can make a better angler of yourself!

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